10 03 2009

Have you ever noticed that people are so much more willing to share their “issues” with people that they relate to a lot more than you who they do not relate to?

I know, it sounds like another one of my usual posts,huh?

Just imagine, you were hustling on the school team (rugby team Tandra, not chess?) and you went ahead and scored a smoothe try just like Brian O’Driscoll… (wouldn’t expect you to understand who Brian is!!), and you sensed some danger ahead and you still dived in headfirst for the clutch tackle…

You get the sweetest tackle, and in the process save the team from conceding a try and with it, a bonus point…

You also graze your cheek against the freshly cut lawn, get burn marks on your fore-arms and also can’t feel the lower part of your left leg… you carry on for a few minutes and even finish the game…

When you head out to the infirmary, the school nurse tells you that you was damn lucky…

“B2B, you actually cracked your metatarsal and the fact that you stayed playing on the pitch, its a wonder how you managed to not aggravate the foot even more”

“You need your foot to be put in a cast ASAP…”

I looked at her and chuckled to me’self. She calmly told me that “coz you’re a young man, it will not hurt now, but when you take a shower and the body relaxes, the pain will come alive”

I sniggered to me’self, but told her I would come back immediately after taking the shower… I did so, after a change of clothes and in between looking for a pair of slip-ons, my foot started aching… (excuse the modesty, this shyte was painful)

You know that pain where you can feel your heart beat at the point of throbbing stinging-ness and you just know you will not sleep at all….

You head straight to the nurse who is looking at you with those i-told-you-so eyes… Next day, at the Orthopaedic Doctor,he asks you if there’s anyone you know who has smashed a bone…

Why, he says, is coz you need to share the experience and let them tell you how exactly nasty it was, and the fact that it is all just an experience…

What his point is or rather was, is the fact that when you are hustling with some shyte, and espeshlee the hard shyte, it does help sometimes to share that drama (not all of it though) with someone close to you!

He also said that if you share it with someone who has been through similar shyte, it somehow feels so much easier, doesn’t it?

I could be wrong though…


Someone hola at Val, for me when she gets this, and somebody please tell Mrs.B2B that it would be nice to read something from her, innit???

Sy, you’s ok? and Chanel (wink**), Cheri (no winks***), AuntiePop (how is UnclePop), Erique, Tumwijuke…. SoloDawg, Apr9, Thanks for nominating at the B2B Awards…

wait, Tumwi should not be on this list!!



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10 03 2009
Miss Cheri

Why no winks for me? I’ll take it as a shout out though.

Gwe, is Brian Driscoll the dude from Because he is almost my winner.

Yep, yours is defo coming back…mine is stuck.

10 03 2009
Miss Cheri

Can’t believe I didn’t say the word *SOCKS*!!!!!

10 03 2009
Mr. Basics...

Brian O’Driscoll is the captain of the Irish National Rugby team and is a lovely player…

10 03 2009

@Cheri, the Daisy Owl dude is Ben Driscoll.

@B2Dawg. “sup playa.

When you’re husslin that *ish, it’s amazing how sometimes you forget the pain until everything calms down and the you start the screaming.


10 03 2009

“Have you ever noticed that people are so much more willing to share their “issues” with people that they relate to a lot more than you who they do not relate to?”


10 03 2009

uncle pop is fantastic

10 03 2009
The Emrys

yep, i have noticed

10 03 2009

unclepop doesn’t exist. i dare him to show face.

Basix: sup dude

10 03 2009

Erique. You don’t know who Uncle Pop is, oh wise matchmaker?

And we were starting to believe in your mystic dark arts…


10 03 2009

actually sometimes it easier to share your ish with a total stranger… that must have really hurt!

10 03 2009

erique, really? you don’t know who he be? beat a whisper to me sometime and i will spill it all!

10 03 2009

Hello mate! don’t know much about psychology but i guess talking and sharing does work hence the $250 an hour shrinks.

10 03 2009

Hiya B2B…and just for ref…I do holla…read my replies to u on my blog oki? …I am sending you smoke signals now…and tweets….howdy? 🙂

Moving on….it def helps to talk to someone who’s bn there..done that and moved on…but for me…its hard to talk when going thru the ish…I kinda open up a bit later…

10 03 2009

U r welcome B2B………

Next tym u ll know to get treatment b4 the shower……..and it sure does help to share ur issues with anyone willing to listen.

11 03 2009

lol Carsozy I agree with you

I wll admit I was lost on the first parts, I was like wdf is Brian O’Driscoll…lol

12 03 2009

eh..ever to come late to the party!

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