The money of taste…

17 03 2009

We used to hang out a lot way back in school…

We was always jazzing about hip hop, gospel music, beautiful girls, even nt beautiful girls, nice curves on girls, the coolest things about being a guy, nice attitude, certain religious sentiments, new timbalands, the new ish by Tommy Hilfiger, also about the newest HumVee that would make us say Damn!, new movies, older movies, family, and yeah, a tonne of things that you jazz about when you are between the ages of 15 and 25….

We was always waiting for the day(s) that we would be able to head straight to that nice shop (Wina Classic), and pay crisp (say it with me, ker-risspp-aagh) new mutwalos for that brand new Oscar de la Renta suit… even better the new shoes by emmanuel ungaro, or the suede mocassins by stacey adams

We never really took the trouble to notice that some people actually were not too bothered by the price tag… but actually bothered by the durability, and the comfort of the ish

We always wanted to know how much the ish cost, and to that effect, we were always side tracked and instead of asking where we got it, we would ask how much it cost…

He has steadily moved up a few notches and recently bought himself a new ride… Previously, yes he was driving, but the money is coming in a tad bit faster, and coz of this well… he sometimes feels the urge to splurge… (no, I won’t notice the rhyme) So when I told him that this ride suited him better than the old(er) one, he tripped by saying…

“Yo Basiks, it’s the money dawg”

I retorted, “playa, it ain’t the money playa, it is the fact that you have acquired better taste”,

“dawg, acquired” i reiterated….

“And that is why these days, you don’t eat lunch at whats-that-place, but head to WHATS~THAT~PLACE, and instead allow youself to wear a lot more expensive shoes than before, spend more on MsHottStuff, and ….”

He tripped by saying, “dawg, it still comes back to the money”

And I silenced him, by asking him, “how many rich people do you know, don’t know what compliments them?”

He just asked me to get the bill, and then we split…

He needs to do something about his attitude, though deep down I knew he had seen the Basiks point of view…. (sorry tandra, I know you don’t like it when I say it this way, but for today, WHATEVR!!!!)

From then on, me and my hommie learned that yeah, money does make your shyte a bit more pricier, but in all honesty, good taste beats expensive shyte on any day!…


Except of it a Mercedes Benz G500, and then some



20 responses

17 03 2009

Me first!!!!!!!!!

17 03 2009
Mr. B2B...

i just put this up!!

17 03 2009
Be silent

B2B I have seen chics who have all the money but their style is wululululu crap to the end. You go shopping and they pick all the Mumus you can have the money but if you got no sty;le kyabwerere

17 03 2009

i am all for good taste. in words and attitude too.

17 03 2009

Lol…..I had made another comment but ur blog refused to post saying the post couldn’t be found 😦 (Jealousy)

And I was going to actually say….money can’t buy taste..some things are expensive..but trash all the same…some exp things are gorgeous though..

18 03 2009

the money of taste… im loooooooooooooooooooving the title of this post.

18 03 2009

so true about so many rich peeps having such bad taste…

18 03 2009

Awesome stuff. Keep up the great work.

19 03 2009

Ooooh, don’t make me name names! There are a lot of people who make money but the taste will never ever come. And it shows!

19 03 2009

It’s in the eyes of the beholder, Just because Pastor George Okudi nolonger goes to Owino(Rip) sice he shot to stardom, it does not mean that that the stuff there is no longer tasty. And what you might see as trash on me might be the bestest for me.

19 03 2009

Good taste is nurtured, subtle, rich without being vulgar and of course very distinct style to that person. Money can’t get you these but it sure can help in the education of attaining good taste, coz, how else would you practice and develop it?

19 03 2009

Like they say homie money can buy you a house but it sure as hell wont buy you a home. same goes for style dawg.

19 03 2009

Sup dawg? Preach brother preach

19 03 2009

U can’t ve the best of both worlds.

20 03 2009

…might I add that money wont teach you good manners, so the same brothers that are trying to holler back at Ms HotStuff and think that by flashing all their pricey leaves of money, the latest car models, mansion, yada yada yada…
Nothing kills the entire ensemble like Mr MoneyBags reaching for his nose and delving into it like he dropped ‘the cure to cancer’
Loved the article Dude,
till next time,
easy does it 🙂

21 03 2009

hahahaha be silent you point on that, i can go to owino and look amillion dollars on 25k! meanwhile b2b you are so old school, you make me decade sick!

23 03 2009

money n style are two different things, havng one can’t automatically guarantee u the other, however if u have the style n some how manage to land on the green…there!!

“u can pay for school but u can’t buy class”
u know who said that don’t u?

btw,u need to learn hw to use ur phone starting wth learning to text back!!

Enjoy the week dawg

24 03 2009
Mr. Basics...

what’s bin up dude!

you been pretty lost..
i even dropped it on your joint!

For Sho, i know it was the JiggaMan who said that “can’t buy class”

I er, have not received any texts dude…
and i will not trip
my other cell was stolen so i am on the 78 one

so, for sho, i will hola!

27 03 2009

You are absolutely correct B2B….I don’t make a lot of money but my taste has evolved so the things i acquire cost more…So its not always about the money because I know people with money that HAVE NO DAMN TASTE!!!…

27 03 2009
Miss Eizzy

yup, what Mrslish said…Style over money…though money does help…

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