31 03 2009

For always asking us to put god first

For always insisting that sometimes you just want to wallow in your drama, and explain it to me when you are calmer

For always being willing to listen to my drama, even after the longest days of the week

For always looking at me in that oh-so-special way

For always being able to speak your mind (slowly but surely)

For trying to understand that as much as women are weird, men can be even more complex

For making me understand that you are the way you are though sometimes, we can both be surprised…

For never taking anything for granted

For buying me that Bible

For cleverly hinting about stuff, and never making me forget that women (in general) and you too like to be wooed at all stages of life, coz the feeling of being thought about is very very important to them (and you too)

For the long long telephone calls

For the smiles I can hear when you are saying thank you

For the kiss* the other day

For critiquing me at that (read those) times

For asking how everyone is…

For generally being you

For refusing to do that….

For showing me rather than telling me when it really matters

For allowing me to do the ~Mrs~Basix~Preach~

And generally, for allowing me to show you this side..



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31 03 2009

Oooh, love!

Sorry, that sounded kinda sacarstic. Let me try again.

Yay, love!

31 03 2009


31 03 2009

I’ll be honest, when I read such posts as these-you know, all this romanticness-I think “go away, this guy is not real”. It’s amazing.

31 03 2009
the antipop

Me i am thankful for your posts and i pray that more guys are like you!

I hope that did not come out wrongly

31 03 2009

It’s a good thing;being thankful always-even for the little things that we often times take for granted.

31 03 2009

Sometimes we take all the good things in life for granted, thanks for this post dude. I gots to start appreciating shit.

31 03 2009

heh. yi Antipop!

31 03 2009

Im still asking what she refused to do…….

31 03 2009
the antipop

Tandra, i almost asked!

31 03 2009
Mr. B2B...

Now i know why they put the “delete comment” button…

31 03 2009

me let me not be shy “what did she refuse to do and yet you are still thankfull?”

“For always insisting that sometimes you just want to wallow in your drama, and explain it to me when you are calmer”

you understand that?really?props!!!!….because sometimes people find it hard when i ask them to let me be.

31 03 2009


31 03 2009

priceless 🙂 i’m proud of you

31 03 2009

I’m in a hating mood (ie hating on some XY species)…then I read this..and smile

I’m echoing Tumwi though (in a nicer tone of course)…yeah love!!

31 03 2009

I was here my dear, and I am thankful that you are thankful, there aren’t many like that.And to youál howdyyyyyyyyyy

31 03 2009

DUKSEY!!!YAY!!!!….someone catch her before she runs off!

31 03 2009

You make it hard for us to be lumped into the ‘nice’ guy category ..Quit raising the bar,it just isn’t fair…

31 03 2009

Am thankful for u two……………for both of u being there for each.

1 04 2009
Mr. Back2Basics...

i hear you dawg

and believe me…
i from now on have your back…

1 04 2009

Late to the party. But here’s a hug. (((b2b)))

1 04 2009
Mrs. B2B

You are welcome baby… 😉 :*

1 04 2009

awwwww, this is so rich, so beautiful, so real,

2 04 2009

I should have come through such materialz last week, was having such a hell ride but this bees helpful still even when the roller coaster has come to a stop.

You iz Amazing

2 04 2009

This sounds like a really good marriage – I like it.

3 04 2009

wat can i say my man,…yo the man!

5 04 2009

you forgot

am thankful for being so suspicious each time am out
for being so insecure
cos you know am a man
hot one at that

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