4 04 2009

“…my interest in life comes from setting myself huge apparenty unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…. from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, i feel that  i have to attempt it…”

Richard Branson,                                                                                                       Chairman Virgin Group



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4 04 2009

Firsties. Interesting quote.

4 04 2009

Nah, i think that guy is blowing a lot of hot air…If “huge apparently unachievable” would mean me hoping to be president then i think he has another think coming

5 04 2009

@sleek, lol, yeah, he’s attempted to travel around the world solo in a hot air balloon. Almost succeeded too! That’s quite a lot of hot air indeed… har har.


Sir Richard Branson is one of my all-time favorite businessmen.

Dopeness, Mr. BDawg.

5 04 2009

We’re watching this space, Mr. B2B Branson

5 04 2009

he’s good…that Robert is!

6 04 2009

That is why he is Branson and the rest of the world is – well, the rest of the world.

@ King – apologise at once for that horrible horrible one!

7 04 2009

aaahhhh… alright.

8 04 2009

Despite his flamboyance you gut to respect Branson’s guts! not only has he done the hot air thing, he also pulls crazy publicity stunts like parachuting out of a plane, loses his pants in the process and then next day walks with his head held high.
I love the way he tries everything in business, fails at alot but isn’t really scared of the risks. I mean “Virgin Cola” “Virgin Condoms”!? Ballsy!!

9 04 2009

wow man after my own heart

9 04 2009

U doin the same B2B?……………..I KNOW I AM.

16 04 2009
Peter Njenga

Everytime I see Richard Branson, I am reminded of the beauty and essence of not going where the path may lead. He goes instead where there’s no path, and leaves a trail.
Highly inspiring!

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