10 04 2009

Me and my momz ain’t never been that tight…

She speaks, I listen/ I speak, she reacts

Typical i am your Mother type drama!!!

Yeah, I know she’s my momz, and then some right! I love her and it never goes away! But you see, I have always looked at my momz in all the aspects as a female..

She is human first| then she is a woman second| then she is a wife| and then she is a mother|

Not only my Momz, but our momz… I ain’t never haggled her, and because of that the relationship has changed…

Younger days, obviously you could choose to do what you wanted; be it pouring the milk over coz it was too hot, or refusing anyone else to watch tv coz you wanted to watch TRANSFORMERS!!!!

As time went on however, you tend to notice that the way she balances her time for you, your sis, your bros, her sisters, her bros, her momz, her dad, the growing business, the garden, the kitchen, the fashion magazines, the entire house, God, and yes Dad….

Were truly amazing

The times it all got to her were also NASTY, coz yeah, somehow I was always the one who’d done something wrong, and bore the brunt of it all…

Looking forward, you do get to click her drama, and hope that when the mrs finally becomes The_Real_Mrs_B2B…. the drama is much easier to deal with coz of the lessons learnt from the one who had you and showed you how to make it easier for the real deal!!

When it comes round, Happy Momz day

And a shout out to the Blog momz,



and Duksey….



19 responses

10 04 2009

first……… boooooooooooots!!!

2nd… dude, im doing some major reading btn the lines here… mayb one day i will tell u… hehehe

10 04 2009

After having children of my own, I still can’t get my head around how mom did it – at least you are trying, way to go.

10 04 2009
Miss Cheri

Oh, happy momz day to mama Chantal.

Oh, u forgot to shout out to BS.

11 04 2009

Like Tandra am reading between line…………..

My lil sis jst had her 3rd baby oba how does she do it?

I respect every woman who has dared to walk into motherhood…….am on the way too.

11 04 2009


11 04 2009

woah B2B,there you go raising that bar again…i like it here,you say it as it should be said,macho stuff aside…its a nice quality

11 04 2009

ok…stuff here ok…literally..btn lines ..dont know.

12 04 2009

There are white spaces between the lines! what you gurls seeing?

Basically B2B, … dope basik basix!

13 04 2009

All mama’s be the same. I was surprised when mine pecked my sis on the forehead and tried the same stunt on me, on that ka day, which I turned away from

Cheri you still have a long way, enjoy being the hottest blogz baccalaureate for the moment

13 04 2009

Thank you.

13 04 2009

All Mothers come with major drama but mine came with the mother of all drama.
thank god I had pops to run to.

14 04 2009

Heya, just checking on you. And I see you are still representing.

14 04 2009

I’m with Tandra. Reading betwixt the line majorly here.

Never really had a need to celebrate moms day, but shoutouts to all the blogger moms, nonetheless!

Sup player.

15 04 2009
Freedom AT LAST!

Hey B2B…I think your breakdown of a mom being a human first, woman, wife, mother is so key because that is truly how a mom is… and to perform the balancing act of keeping it all together is just that…. BALANCE!

good post! I’m sure you will have more compassion and be ready to for “balancing” when it’s your turn to be the dad…Human first, man, husband, father…etc….

15 04 2009

the real mrs B2B…

what a title!!!!

15 04 2009

Same wave length we’re on huh?

Balancing act for she does it I’ll never know..

16 04 2009

thank you mr. b2b…

17 04 2009

Hey B2B, you got tagged.
Check it out here

17 04 2009

i know dude, its …wats the word? …amazing how they do it.

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