29 04 2009

I am so damn serious…”

That is what he used to say to us before he would go on to carefully explain to us how things keep changing and if you do not watch out, you could get left behind..

He was always the one who would turn up with new slang whenever we would come back for the school term… he would also tell us the latest movies to watch and which tracks were hot at the time…

He was always the one who would be quiet at the times of heated debates, and was truly an excellent listener…. he was also always the one who would calmly say the final words of the discussion that would no doubt put an end to so many heated debates espeshlee with those that concerned sports, music and film.

As we moved higher academically, so did he…

He was very good at always referring to what the teacher said word for word and some times, we would wonder if he had a tape-recorder like them chaps in the American Universities…

He was always so good at “conversing” movies and turning up with a new trend every so often…

When he would walk this way, like Aerosmith, he was always followed and looking back in retrospect, he sorta didn’t know the amount of influence he held…

Till he became the Head Prefect of our school…

I was in his class, and as such, it seems he wanted to prove a few things… He always seemed to be stepping to me like I was trying to steal his space… what’s worse was that I made sure I never ever got in his way. You see dude had a big bro in A’ Level who was pretty rowdy so I just let things be..

Till he started playing rugby….

You see, for the un-initated, Rugby is true gentleman’s sport….

Many a time the viewers and those watching mis-contrue the game to be a milder form of boxing and wrestling all mixed up in one… as the injuries have proven, many a time it can a little bit true… but hey, just a little bit…

As the centre on the pitch, I had the nasty role to play-make and direct the flow of the game especially when we were attacking.. Many peeps mis-took this and in turn were pretty sloppy when it came to being defensive…

When dude started playing rouge, oh my good did he enjoi himself, peeps were treating him like a softy and then some… so when I disrespected his pretty boy self and tackled him to the ground, it was game on!

We settled whatever drama we had on the pitch and it got so intense sometimes that peeps would have to calm him down coz he was the one who had more influence.. if he fought, everyone else fought…

I was always in the back ground letting the skillz do the talking!

As time went on however, we let it be and realized that our beef drama (mainly from him though) was just a huge joke…

Till we went to Uni and fell for the same girl….


Will drop the rest after BHH kesho…



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29 04 2009


29 04 2009

Bambi…then wetin de apun after u de fall for afi same gal?

Sequel please.

And I hope that girl is Mrs B2B (In which case u came out tops).

29 04 2009

I’m re-ya-le enjoying the drama…BHH it is 🙂
we want more, we want more…

29 04 2009

LOOOOLLLL….damn!!!!!we want more..we want more…you have me hooked…those guys were the best to cane shirt rugby on, either that or a quick spade..B2B, i know u know what i mean..
this dude and some HSC prefect were vibing the same gal..we was in Form 4. the dude was smaller, but a very aggressive tackler..the HSC was slammed into that goal post near the try-line on the survival pitch..

29 04 2009


U fell for the same gal?……….u two wanted to out-do the other.

30 04 2009

grab ’em bulungi

YA dun play
Ya dun gwan be a demma nasty surprise ina de seekwo

See you at BHH then

Dawg, i hear you bulungi!

Indeed “conversing” hehehehe
wait for it…

30 04 2009

Cheri is such a show off with her bi-lingual-ness.
The punchline killed me. I want more, cant wait for BHH. hit me up on e-mail

But BAsikiz, whatever happened to the awards? Before we know it, it’ll be next year and the next awards wil be due!

30 04 2009

beautiful typeface… you should post a lovestory, make one up something…just want to read one in this type

30 04 2009

indeed she is….
Have a little patience chic..
and come for BHH too!
also, the awards were awarded bulungi


I hear you.
Thanks for the props

30 04 2009

those were the awards?
i thought those were like nominations or something!

30 04 2009


i stil feel cheated! where is the glitz and glamor? eh but i hav hahad you

30 04 2009

I shall do one just for you ok..

30 04 2009

Sup dawg? Had completely forgotten BHH will drop by if I feel less tired than I am now

6 05 2009
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8 05 2009
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