1 05 2009

if you are just joining us, we were doing the entire trendsetting earlier on

kinda long-ish….


So we hanged out a bit during the vacation, and played a whole bunch of rugby together… He played for Ruga-Ruga, and I played for the Select University under dawg team…

Time came around for the under 21 select XIV National team, and when we went to the team notice board, I found him there and he congratulated me upon making it to the list….

We played for the team and managed to become tighter…

Dude has an amazingly sexy sister, so you know I was always giving reasons to come visit him at his digs… She was equally just as approachable as he was after all his drama came out….

Anyways when the results came out to head to Uni, we checked them out together and found we had both been accepted to the same joint and the state was paying for us… He was enrolled to do a BSc in Biochemical Engineering and me, well a BA in Economics and Finance

We were even thrown in the same Hall of residence..

Funny how we threw out all the drama of trend-setting-ness and being all dramatic…

Anyways, fast forward to the beginning of Second year at the Uni and we are all chilling out at the Basketball court watching B.Ball dude from scared

Two of my hommies who erm studied abroad were in town and we went to hang out at a friend’s digs for a barbeque…. At the que, there was alcohol, and music, meat, sandwiches, girls and women too..

The girls were the ones who could drink, but the women were the ones who could handle their alcohol… Anyways, me and dude ended up chatting with this pretty young thing who was a girl and attempting to handle her alcohol… like a woman.

So, time came to leave the que and we all packed into this ride and we was many, so we had to pack into this one ride. So peeps had to sit on other peeps. As we were fewer chaps, we had to “avail” our laps…

PYT sat on dude’s laps and they chatted all the way to Uni….

We dropped her off at “hers” and then we went ahead to chill out at his and he asked me whether PYT was fine..

I concurred and said she was HOTT!! (IgiSS-dawg, she is hott)

Anyways, I had other intentions, but because my boy saw her first…..

We ended up hanging out loads and somehow I started feeling like a “tyrone” so I started easing out of their couple… There was this one time however when he had a tight deadline in the lab and he could not come hang out with her so he asked me to take her out for the Happy Hour at the local Uni watering hole near that Ladies Hall of Residence… (can you believe it, ladies hall next to a watering hole)

So, me and PYT had a few drinks and then I remembered that she was trying to be a woman who can handle her alcohol….

We chatted intimately and at length and when Dude joined us, he sorta seemed like he was interrupting me & PYT…

Knowing how he was/is, I didn’t take it lightly and told PYT that dude is very protective of his ish….

She laughed and told me that life is going good, and her and Dude are so tight he has nada to worry about…

Dude was acting all pissed off mainly coz he had failed a dramatical experiment in the lab and was downing them pints of beer with one thing in mind…. blazingoes…

I tried, she tried, we both tried to divert the drama, but he was/ still is a very hard to convince chap when his mind is made up… after 6 bottles of the brown stuff, he was edging into the yelling-ness and started singing that song that Manchester United players sang when they won the UEFA Champ’s League in ’99….

“… this could be the year…”

Anyways, we managed to ease him out of that joint, and PYT told me she’d take him home and do the necessary, i.e. undress him, bathe him, and bathe him…. and put him to sleep properly

I was amazingly surprised when two hours later I received knock on my door…

I thought it was my roomie, but he’d gone home long long ago… On certain Fridays he’d spend a weekend at his boss’ digs taking care of the children when the boss and his wife were out of town… It was dope coz he’d have the Boss’ ride(s) and he’d come pick me up and we’d go hanging…

Anyways, I looked at the wall clock and saw it was just after midnight…

I was dressed in a white tee shirt and my boxers, and was amazingly surprised when to my surprise, PYT stepped into my room and gave me a warm hug…

She very callously told me that she had heard me say that my roomie was nit around and had hoped to spend the night with me…

I didn’t say nada…

She came up to me and kissed me, I was stunned and just kissed her back and sat her down on my bed. I shut the door and kissed her back…

She was really getting into it and was very startled when I asked her where dude was…

She laughed and thought I was kidding when I asked her..

She tried to kiss me again, and I held her firm and asked her again…

“where is dude?”

“He is crashed out blazed in my bed”

“so what are you doing here?” I retorted

“don’t be daft!!”

“you are my homeboy’s girl, and he is my homeboy…. and I am not as tipsy as I was a few hours ago!”

“well, when you was tipsy, you was telling me how you wanted to kiss me just once, whether or not you was your hommie homeboi”

I didn’t deny nada, but just told her that I am tempted to go ahead and do the nasty, but out of respect to my hommie, I am not crossing that delicious line..

She didn’t believe me…

I asked her to leave otherwise we would grab at each other as we were visibly wanting each other…

She didn’t believe it…

I walked her up to her digs and gave her a polite kiss on the cheek and told her that in another time, maybe we could have hooked up

Mind you PYT is hottttt!!

Anyways, next week came by and Dude passed by my room and asked me point blank

“did you sleep with PYT”

I didn’t flinch when I said “no…”

“so what were you doing kissing her outside her digs at 1 in the morning??”

“I took him serious and told him that did not do nada.” And that if he could give me some time, I would explain!!

He knew my whole Modus Operandi M.O them days and was convinced that me and PYT has sweated up the sheets…

He stormed off and just chuckled sarcastically…

He didn’t call me or even pass by my digs for 4 weeks. I met him with his FYNE as FCUK sister and she also didn’t give me the smiling eyes…

I stayed away from him as I realized that whatever I said would really mess up my story…

After exams, I was at the rugby grounds playing and had just received a sweet pass from B.Ball boy when I was tackled with so much gusto and guile, I actually only realsied I had been tackled when I was on the ground…

Then I realised that Dude was “opening up”

I played his game and got into the tackles and made him remember that I always give as hard as I get…

T’was one of the best games in my life I remember and the full game on Saturday was banging. We beat up on the opponents with both me and Dude scoring a try each and being responsible for saving two amazing tries..

After the game, he asked if I was doing anything. I told him nada, and we went had a beer after grabbing a shower, a change of clothes and a bite….

He first and foremost told me that he and PYT were through… I didn’t say nada, but just listened… he told me that she was always talking about how cool we both were, and always paid special attention when we was together…

He also said she sneaked back into her place that night he got blazed…. not knowing that he had seen me kiss her cheek… He also said that she pretended like nada had happened…

When he had confronted me about it, he went and asked her in a round about way about a scenario of a friend of hers having the hots for him, and then he asked for her opinion….

She told him she would ask the person about it and establish the real drama

He didn’t waste time, and asked her about her and Basiks…

She flinched a bit and told him about that night…

She also cleared the “air” by saying that we was both tipsy and the suggestions seemed inviting so she was surprised when I kicked her out…

She also said that she liked the both of us in a unique way and was finding it hard to not like the both of us…

He stayed calm through out and told her then that they can’t be…

She was obviously hurt coz she really had grown to like him more and more each passing day, and was truly sorry for that drama

He didn’t take any prisoners and flushed her…

He then came to me and asked if he was a little hard on her…

I calmly asked him how he felt, and this is what he told me…

“Basikzdawg, PYT was the finest thing in my life, making me more focused, and organized…”

“someone who found very challenging and engaging at the same time, plus the sex was off the charts”

So I asked him why he flushed her..

“coz she likes you…”

“Playa, if she likes me, but she loves you, do the necessary and make sure that you love her back, and keep loving her till the cows come home”

“man the f**k up”

He walked away from me and then I knew that he was gwan correct all the drama

A week later, she came by my place ( a little earlier this time around) and apologized for somehow wanting to come by my digs, at midnight!!

I simply replied… “another time, another place”

And stayed out of her way

Playa and PYT had a baby a few months ago, and are setting up the rest of the drama for the walk down the aisle….

She still is hotttttttt

And he still is wary



15 responses

1 05 2009
Miss Cheri

I don’t want these socks.

1 05 2009
Miss Cheri

I told u, Rugby is a good babe-magnet sport.

That’s why rugby club is a good hunting ground.

When I come back, I may have to pitch camp at Rugby club so I can also sit on boy’s laps all the way to uni.

1 05 2009

At least he was man enough to take her back……….who knows wat would have happened

So has PYT stopped wanting you?

lol Miss Cheri not goin to happen…………there’re plenty of rides now.

2 05 2009

“Man the fcuk up!”
I would really love to say that to someone right now.

You’re a good man, B2B. Ya don kno.

3 05 2009

This was some reading I liked..

I’ll take these socks

I’d have done the same and told PTY No

4 05 2009


Sometimes, it is not like that…

Yeah, PYT also manned the fcuk up.
Now she is totally into him, and appreciates him more for HIM being a man about ish…

Thanks, but sometimes…

Sockies galore huh!

looking back, t’was something that needed to be done…

4 05 2009

you will have so many stories to tell your granchildren…

so will you be attending the wedding?

@cheri, lol… is that the only way you can get to sit on a guy’s lap?

4 05 2009

Dude, the bar is forever outta reach….great story man.I really like. Naye, let’s catch a beer and you tell me the real trendsetting-ness story eh?

4 05 2009

the stories are way too many
about the wedding, yeah…
i think i will…
with mad smiles tooo

dawg, sure thing playa…
sure thing

4 05 2009

I knew it… i shouldnt have passed here. Now i am late for church..

Will come to rugby club to identify the culprits… this story sounds familiar though it never went this far.

Do you have a bro like you that i could grab? “Why are all the good guys taken all the time?”

5 05 2009

Love this tale.

5 05 2009

What did the Pastor say when he saw you running in late…???
Please find you way down to the Club…
About anopther BAsic dude, well…
he is not older than me, but rather younger…

Where’s your blog already….

6 05 2009

dude, you’re writing is off teh hizzle for shizzle! i have missed reading you for soo long. now i know why it was always good talking to you and reading your work.
sweet sweet post!

11 05 2009

Wow…. dis eez drama (squared).

22 05 2009

tight alright, but really, dont you sometimes feel like u have a little unfinished business? i know i would.

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