8 05 2009

“I’ve been motivated by overcoming challenge and overcoming the hurdles and obstacles that face me. There still is plenty out there to get motivated by.”

Andre Agassi after winning the Australian Open in 2001


In my exciting sometimes dreary life, i have seen a few die-hards, and many like Andre, but when i did a little more reading into the Las Vegan legend, i realised that as TheSoloDawgKing tried to explain in his Me-Inc series, you can actually put your nose to the grindstone and make a few realisations just before you do hit rock bottom…

i can’t add much now coz it will mess up Andre Agassi’s dope quote number 17….



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8 05 2009


I’ll re-write this and use the over-used “never give up”.

8 05 2009

Chic, when you getting a joint (read blog) already…
Oba you already have one and you are just hiding…
hola at all the Warid chaps for me…

8 05 2009

That quote is right on the money.

I told countless people that the reason that I quit my job – the reason I’ve quit every job – is because the challenge is over. I love a challenge. I love to climb the ‘insurmountable’ mountain. When I’m done, I’m restless until I can find something else to overcome.

Thank you for the quote.

8 05 2009
Prometheus Black

deep dude. deep.

8 05 2009

Whoops. Sorry dude, my blog is down for some renovations.

Otherwise the Agassi quote is very inspiring, especially for people who see challenge negatively.

8 05 2009

B2B, I don’t have no joint. Just luv reading you guys stuff.
You are wrong on the Warid thingie, I don’t work there.

8 05 2009

I have a thing against quotes…but that’s just me..maybe i’m late 4 the party, why is it quote 17?

8 05 2009

Who said something about Warid?

Sup Bee to be. Hi five!

8 05 2009

I hear you there….
Wanna grab an elusive drink sometime?
Your welcome for Andre Agassi’s point…

Yeah mate… Deep

Fix up that joint ASAP…
I hear you too on seeing challenges negatively..

Get a joint already….
So, where do you ply your skillllzz…

Dude, you ain’t late to this party…
Late is if your are a few days late after a bunch of like 18 or so comments..
Every once in a while, i drop a quote that i like….
and so far u have dropped 17…
here are the rest…

hi five right back atchu!!
I said that Di works or has worked in Warid….

8 05 2009

i respect mr. agassi… he is the man!

9 05 2009

Basix, oba I want to remain annonymous. If this place weren’t so public, I would say.

13 05 2009

“there is still more out there to be motivated by”……

good stuff for me…

13 05 2009

Andre is indeed a very respected man..

It’s all good.
But after some time, the anonymity can be boring…
So, just keep on with your plan, and when it gets boring, hola

or better still, drop an undercover blog, and be kewl about it

True True playa

13 05 2009

If u are not motivated by overcomin something…………..then u’ll never be motivated…

What school has the Motto ” We shall overcome?”

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