27 05 2009

The only thing I know which comes out instant is coffee… The one that you just order off the supermarket shelf and just stir in a cup of boiling hott water. Truth be told, that this coffee is actually made from the poorer quality coffee beans and is not really appreciated by the aficionados of coffee….

In life, the word gratification is not usually minced… it means what it means, and as a result, can be many a time misinterpreted as something that one feels that has to come immediately after receiving something! The commonest occurrence is if you are walking with your sexiness and she sees a pair of shoes at the fancy shoe store at the new Oasis shopping centre and she batters her eyelids at you!

If you tell her you are heading to the bathroom for a Number_One, and you will be right back, you will be able to sneak by the emergency ATM account and grab a kewl amount of Moolah and go buy the damn shoes when she is looking and get that Instant Coffee thing right there similar to gratification…

Yet, if you act like nada has phased you, and then enter the shop with you and take peak at the price…. make a deal with the hott sales girl about keeping you a pair in size 5 and a half, then turning up the next week with the moolah and the tip for the aforementioned hottsaleschic, you are lining yourself up for some deeper appreciation and no necessary instant coffee coz in this situation, you are building up the anticipation without her knowing nada….

The fact that dealing with the NOW as opposed to the SOON is a nasty thing!

We are in an era when there are so so many options, and hopping from one to another seems and feels so natural!!

I am not an expert, but I am learning everyday how to flush so many crappy things that I feel are totally useless for the time being and learning to not only focus, but to re-focus!



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27 05 2009
the emrys

as usual, you are spot on ma man!

27 05 2009
the emrys

and thanks for the socks, its been kawld lately πŸ˜€

27 05 2009

“I am not an expert, but I am learning everyday how to flush so many crappy things that I feel are totally useless for the time being and learning to not only focus, but to re-focus!” I like that. As for me, it’s simply a matter of priorities. Being faced with the monumental task of becoming a Father, so many things need to be flushed. Those dimes spent of exhorbitant car magazines and DVD’s of stargate atlantis for example…sigh

27 05 2009

The more I try to re-focus the more I find myself right back where I started, its like a F*****G merry go round.

27 05 2009

You sound just like my husband, he is a very wise man, that means you are wise too :-).
Definitely the way to go and it’s amazing how much the wait pays in the long run – then you get true elated gratification.

27 05 2009

Prioritize…. my leading word
great post

27 05 2009

Nice. I likey what I’ve learned here. πŸ™‚

28 05 2009

cryptic!!! and like dude, u havent replied me email!

28 05 2009
Mrs. B2B

((batting eyes))

did you just see that house that we passed?! now that is a worthwhile investment πŸ™‚

28 05 2009

virgin visit, but I’m glad to have popped my cherry here. I really enjoyed this post. You said some very important things here and things that I, too, think about. I’m not one for instant gratification because it losing meaning all too easily. I think it’s best to earn what you want in order to get the most out of it.

We live in an Instant society, txt msgs, cell phones, email, etc., and we expect things to be at our disposal when in fact waiting breeds character and patience, which are married to appreciation and grattitude.

love to live; live to love!

28 05 2009

@ Mrs…….ya Mr B2B did u see that house u two just passed?…….Hint hint.

@ Mr B2B…..u r a keeper judging from ur posts.

28 05 2009

not sure I can spell that, in this particular stance in time…say a wee prayer for me, I need to get back up and runing, literally.
I’m proud of you and your choices, ok, the choice to re-focus at least, lol

29 05 2009

ur ready ain’t u?

2 06 2009

…learning to not only focus, but to re-focus! nice..deep man

12 06 2009

wow, for sure you are right and lol to bring it out like this!

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