16 06 2009

The chill is something that the entire Basiks community looks forward to

Don’t believe me….

On Wednesday last week, I was on a trip down to the land of Peter and his Momz…

The whole idea had been to spend the morning completing a corprato do, and finalise with a major chillout session while chilling with the Ecleftic Herself….

I met her at around middy and we headed to her digs to check up on the PeteMeister himself…. Dude was not yet home unfortunately,  but we were pleasantly surprised when the young man turned up with a smile on his face…. No no the smile was not for me, but mainly for the fact that t’was time to chill out after a half day of school…

He said his helloz and me and the Mommy headed out to grab a late lunch somewhere on the streets of Jja…

Word got around that B2B was in town, but nada happened…. I am guessing that Being B2B is not as kewl as it used to be back then….

Anyways, we had a mean Cheese Burger (Sy, the one where the cheese has actually melted on the grilled burger, (capisch?) and a dope set of fries at the lovely Ozzie’s Joint…

Sleepy town or whatever, the fact that the food knocked a bwana out was amazing…

Stuffed was the result, and Madam J main chef at Ozzies, laughed at us in her Aussie accent and just said, “see you next time!”

Anyways, player needed a short stroll of sorts before we headed off to congratulate Barbra, a third time mommy on the birth of her first little girl… a ka cutie in the making that one will become, but with her two big bros, I highly doubt any little boys will get through, lest they talk to Lucee about how to talk to girls…. (muhahahahahaha)

The highest point of the chill out factorization was when the Ecleftic herself took me to a joint which is located right next to the passing Nile River moreover where it is quietest…

The sun was between setting and saying “howdie Basiks, welcome to chill-out town”

And I had a very very cold Pillie sweating infront of me…

The only thing missing was a certain lovely lady and a promise of two more days of this…

I must envy peeps like The.Ecleftic.Herself, miss.tumwijuke and those of you whose jobs entail travel and lounge all mixed up in one….


Other than that, a coupla shout-outs to:

SoloDawgKing; Playa, you doing how mate… I got a book called TheKnack which I showed to the ecleftic, and she okayed it as a decent buy… I recommend it for you. You know that teenie bookshop right next to Aristoc… Ask for Allen, and she will get you a copy… Equivalent of 10US$… check it out…

Lovely: Smooches and more smooches…

Sy: I read your joint about your friend Lily. Sad stuff just. Hope God listens and helps as he is so many times called upon. And her hubbie is a patient gent

Miss_Tandraliciousness; WHAT IT IS!!

Tumwi: you still down for a few alkoholik recipes for that phallic like fruit! (lols, at the way that sounds)

AuntiePop: I saw you and Uncle yesterday… Player is easing into gentlemanliness… you have some game

SleekDawg: player, hit me back already. And let the diss(es) begin… You know you ain’t got any sockies coz I’m back player… (muhahahahahahaha) and yeah, A certain StreetSyder took you to school…. (muhahahaha again)

Ai: drop a new post sometime…

Heaven-ishly: you do sound content. I take it the calf is nolonger lamenting! Can you buy me a drink?

Val: Welcome to the land of after Uni-exams end….. being broke actually sucks….

Cher: hola when you touch base and we see if that fish proggie works

Lovely: Smooches and more smooches…

MamaPete: dope chilloutfactorisation…

27th: making cashmoney feels good dunnit?

Detambs: smiling still at the weird Ug weather…

Lovely: Smooches and more smooches…  didja get the it?

Baz: dude, I will be on point…. will hola soon enuff…

Lovely: Smooches and more smooches…

Anybody else….

Yv: hey you…. is Gae as humourous as he looks on tv? And yeah, how are we doing? When dyu think we can grab that hook up deal at your place with the rest of them blogren??? Holajus

Erique: nuff sed mate.. you rocketh

Carsozy: needed them tips waaay waay back…

And yeah

Lovely: Smooches and more smooches



16 responses

16 06 2009

thockithe!!! yay me!!!

16 06 2009

emaama!smooches and more smooches!

then, you are one of those people that call Pilsner Pillie?…hardicore fan just!!!…and yes. iam content so we should indeed do that signature drink you introduced me to.ya?…yay!!!

16 06 2009

i bet lovely is drowning in goo from all the smooches…streetsider,his share is still brewing;going to do some schooling..and i still get socks,and i donate(i’m nice like that)..yes walkonby,we are waiting 4 details…oso me i’m heading to chill town next weekend,will keep in mind those let the beef begin!!!

16 06 2009

“You and me are throu” By Destiny’s Child

17 06 2009

Was wondering wat Pillie is……………

Lovely had better come around to get her smooches and hope she got the it.

17 06 2009

Thockth… indeed..

Just let me know when…

Let the disses begin mate…

I hear you loud and clear Chanel.
And i totally understand why..
But you will get it soon enuff..

Oh, once in a while i like to indulge….

17 06 2009
the emrys

and i thought we were homies, dang!

17 06 2009

ok doug, me i’ll holla at u even if u don’t.

i noticet lovely appearing wat,4 times? watever it is shes ‘cooking’,(pun intended) it must taste reeeal good.

17 06 2009
the antipop

are you stalking me?

plus this place has a whole language of itself! You did not mention Chanel? WHoa. I fear for your life!

17 06 2009

dude you’ve got a hot hand and bitch why aint my name on the list above?bro i gon slap you till you hear church bells peal i your ears if i aint on the next list.

17 06 2009

Lovely must be dripping of smooch juice by now…

17 06 2009
Mrs. B2B

ooooh, smooching you right back baby! 😉

17 06 2009

I hear you player…
That list was just a pre-cursor…

Mate, i got your back for you!
and props as well

Chic, i don’t think Uncle Pop will really appreciate me stalking you!
would you now UnclePop??
Chanel is gwan be mentioned elsewhere…

Hey Mr. Kuss…
Sparta Kuss..
You can’t be serious….

Indeed she is…

well received
dyu wanna get a room Smooches?

18 06 2009

Oh hey B…..

Being a student meant bn broke most of the time too…

18 06 2009

Major shoutouts bro.
That was some awesome chillin.
And that book sounds like a must read!

15 07 2009

Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

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