24 06 2009

Oh, just scoot over to Sleek’s for the intro


For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, in physics that is…

In life, (hold your breath, get your pens, Carsozy quit licking that sugar, take the sugar bowl back), for every action, there is USUALLY an equal and opposite reaction. The USUALLY is a buffer for the various experiences the person has been in and the lessons they have learnt, or haven’t learnt. I see the blank looks (AuntiePop, don’t trip but smile at Uncle), the shifting in the seats, the reaching for the now-empty mineral water bottles… I know that only SoloDawgKing has understood.

Maybe not.

Teacher me, teacher me!!!!

Yes, lulu

Please explain…

Ok lulu, but first stop sending Carsozy notes eh?(stern look).. Pay attention!

Now, yes, whenever something happens, we react according to some template at play in our lives. This template exists, and we follow it religiously, whether consciously or unconsciously. (Mr.Slish, any sense here?)

We are nice to people because past experience has shown that this yields good results. Either that or mummy and daddy said that we should be nice. Or the Bible.

Woman takes a hiding from ‘her man’ and doesn’t do a thing because she was taught that if he loves you, he beats you. Whack theory that.

Dude steals the drugs meant for the sick and dying not because he doesn’t feel for the faceless dying people around the country but because he feels he has needs, needs that his fat salary would never be able to allow him satisfy, and most importantly, he has seen others get away with it. (Tumwi, incensing huh?)

Boda Boda guy rides like he is on heat because he feels he comes off more manly doing so and that he actually is in the right, even when he swerves right across your path. (Edgy, I hear you mate)

The receptionist acts rude because she doesn’t think highly of you and she feels you are interrupting her all-too-important game of solitaire. And she knows from experience that if she acts like there’s a stove under her seat, you’ll ask few questions and leave ASAP, tail between legs. (eddslah, where you running to?)

Taxi conductor bothers you for money every five seconds because several people have walked out without paying the fare before. And yes, even those dressed very smartly so you do not necessarily look like you have the chump change to pay the fare. (IgissRIP, is that why you bought the V-dub Bora)

He with a voice that peels paint off walls insists on singing because Jimmy, his buddy, is doing so well. And none of his friends complain when he breaks into sing-along when Mariah Carey is playing.

The template is always at work. It is tweaked by people we talk to (as they tell us their experiences and as we watch what they go through), movies we watch, books we read (and draw inspiration from the well-leafed Mills and Boon under our pillows, UG girl, must have been exchanging them with Heaven and EriqueDawg here huh!) and situations we go through.

The trickiest bit is determining which bits of our template aren’t doing us justice. The even trickier bit is smoothing out these bits that need smoothing out… (Chanel, any sense…)

You suddenly realize that you get angry too fast, then what?

You start paying closer attention to your he-motions/she-motions. You realize that you don’t take a joke about you too well. Then what? Do you start laughing at every wise crack about you?  (WalkingOnBy, I hear you smiling here)

That template…that template.

Truth of the ish remains, that the way we react can and will never be perfect, and indeed is affected by that weird sorta template…

Only ish that really matters is dealing with how that template can be altered bit by bit by allowing us to look at ourselves in a different light and then and only then do we realize that the collabo post between Sleekdawg and B2B actually makes some sense…

Only trouble is realizing it for yourself that only you can change your habits to thus change your reactions and then stop wondering why Peeps like Sleekdawg more than B2B…

Wait, that came our wrong…


Anyways, major hola at TheSleeknessHimself for an amazing collabo mate… dude, i am a huge fan…



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24 06 2009

this started as Sleek, then in the middle it was so B2B then at the end i got confused!!!

ok.i will do a second reading where i won’t be trying to figure out whether its Sleek or B2B!!!

Also, i’m as if the first.yay!!!

24 06 2009

not only in physics, even in life there is always a reaction…

i have liked this.

good work to you and sleek… should we expect more collabos?

24 06 2009

So are Sleek and B2B the same?

24 06 2009

Sockies Just
and seriously, the differences are evident!
ok, considering i wrote some of it, i might sound trivial..

More collaboz…
Maybe not
and yeah, not only in pysics…

Indeed not!
Sleek is SleekJust
B2B is BasiksJust

24 06 2009
the emrys

i hear you dawg, i hear you!

24 06 2009

Sup, negro.

I just love calling Africans negroes, the dirty freaks!

BHH aint there tomorrow, is it?

25 06 2009

twas nice working with B2b….glad you guys like.

25 06 2009

It’s official dude. I owe you one! You know what I mean.

I like this. Big time. We see and live our lives through the reflections of our past and the promises of our future, not knowing that all this is governed by our actions and [especially] our reactions.

The template metaphor is brilliant.

Top work guys.

25 06 2009

deep shit dude, this is actually something I’ve been working on but you just put it in a different more hard hitting way. ma man

26 06 2009

Started off reading yours……….will head over to Sleek’s and this sure did made alot of sense.

26 06 2009

Now. this is some tight posting. hey question: if there’s a template, it means teh templates been worked on from early years. So what was it, like before before the people around us started infecting us with fear of retribution, insecurity, jealousy for what we didnt have and gloating when we did?

I agree we are governed by our emotions, i dont think so much our recations are by the template.

but hey great post!!
off to read the sleek.

26 06 2009


29 06 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I agree that we are owners of our emotions, actions, and reactions. We must learn to know the self and what we’re about before we start lashing out at others. A miserable person dispenses negative energy and saps you of anything good; however, if you’re strong and secure in yourself, you’ll see past them and bid them well anyway.

You’ve said so much here and I enjoyed it all.

Love to live; live to love!

1 07 2009

this is sleek’s thing but since its on ur page, ama say, nice stuff rite there! yours on his page is also great! totally loved the article! lemme go try to determine wich bit does me justice!

3 07 2009

Mawolo! post something new already,

6 07 2009

hmmm how did you see me pass that paper to carsozy!

7 07 2009

dude!i never agree with streetsider naye today!!!mawolo indeed!!!

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