8 07 2009

The entire truth about guys is one and only one…

Guys like chics…

The reasons may vary, and sometimes may just dilly dally around it, but it is very simple…

Guys like chics…

Chics are crazy

Chics are soft

Chics are weird

Chics are warm

Chics are demanding

Chics are patient

Chics are fine to look at even on their bad hair days

Chics are impatient

Chics are insistent

Chics are hott

Chics are………

Anyways, you get the drift…

The main issue of this post is not circling around chics only, but the fact that the debate on chics and their emotion is one of the main movers of the earth….

You see, if chics were not as emotional as they are, guys would be on a major heart breaking spree… and that include even the nice guys…

Chics being the bag of she-motions that they are and guys being, you know, suave, collected, well-rounded, chauvinist (is it showing yet?), the meeting is usually quite a sight.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the blue corner, weighing 200 pounds of pure muscle, 3 pounds of facial hair, 6 pounds of body hair and 1 pound of undisclosed hair, with a 5-3-1 record: 5 wins (in which the ladies fell for him, hook, line and sinker), 3 losses (in which attitude-queens sent him packing) and 1 draw (in which they had ‘fun’ but didn’t exchange numbers),

I present BUBBA. (wild cheers from the guys)

In the pink corner, weighing…weight undisclosed for obvious reasons. But she’s lean, she’s mean, her body screams a three-letter appeal that the editor won’t publish. She boasts a 3-3 record. 3 wins (in which she ditched the bastards) and 3 losses (she still calls them, they never pick), I present BUBBLE. (wild cheers from the guys, the traitors)

The clash is always epic. Guy takes jab at chic.


I must admit that this time, you will have to wrap it up at Sleek’sJoint…

He has set priority on this one… so just scoot over there…



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8 07 2009
The Emrys


8 07 2009

and in your own words:

and in my own words:

8 07 2009

is this another thing wer one of u cant come up with the story on ur own so u send it to sm1 else to complete then u mek us move from blog to blog while u think we r goin to be half as excited as u tryin to ges who wrote wat?????? well ur wrong! scootin over sucks, esp wen the net is slow! i shud write an article abt this! scratch that, lemme go do that rite now! u scooter over wantin to promote other blogs person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nwe wat i wntd to say b4 i do wat iv sed is……. Chiks look hottest on their bad hair days! esp wen they dont comb!

8 07 2009


8 07 2009

Chics are patient…..
Chics are impatient….

What is this?

8 07 2009

I hear you


You do sound a tad bit impatient right there…
I wonder why?

Hmmmn tooo

Sometimes chics are patient!
Most times however….

8 07 2009
esquire of the mountain

yippee kay kay mother…….
i like this kind of epic battle…i wonder if biting and clawing is allowed and if the man’s legs are probably tied or something…oh well lets head off to sleek mother… to see whats goin on…

9 07 2009

Hi B2B,
Good stuff. You know chics will win LOL. If the playing field is equal that is (smiles). This made me repost the “effortlessness” collabo when did back in the day. In the end no chic wants to be alone nor does any guy. So if a compromise can be met I would take a draw any day…that is after I’ve gotten in a couple upper cuts and jab shots. And oh yes a few POWER shots to the mid-section LMBO…. 🙂

9 07 2009

alright, have gotten my drink and popcorn… now heading over to sleek’s…

9 07 2009

This is interesting. Off to Sleek’s.

9 07 2009

Dude, slow your roll

Oh, i remember that dope collabo with you Freeeeedom
Glad you still come by when you can.
UpperCuts LOLss…

i doubt you have kept some for me…
The popcorn that is..

Hola when you get back Teti

9 07 2009

@ Sy wat are u drinking……………….?

“Chics are weird”……..we are?

“……………6 pounds of body hair and 1 pound of undisclosed hair………..” lol

off to see where this ends.

13 07 2009

you forgot chicks are indispensable!!

15 07 2009

“……………6 pounds of body hair and 1 pound of undisclosed hair………..” lol

Had me on the floor…

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