21 07 2009

When I was younger, I was so much into cars…

Now, you don’t get it… Talking about cars, looking at cars, driving cars (ok, not driving coz I could technically not drive)… but generally I had this huge attachment to cars…

My mom’s Boss used to drive a Rolls Royce, and the Percy’s dad to pick him up in a Lotus Espirit… So you can imagine my glee when Percy’s Birthday would come around coz his dad was a real car connoisseur… He had a green Jaguar, and a black Merc Stretch…

When I turned 7, I got my first car… It was a remote controlled Lamborghini with the killah fins at the back.. My mom and dad bought it in the summer and hid it from me till Christmas…. You can imagine my surprise when I found it hidden in the closet within the closet when my dad sent me to get something a month before Christmas… I think it was the spare windshield wiper for his Peugot 504 Station wagon….

Anyways, I didn’t pretend, but just chilled out and prayed it was mine… Of course I went to check it out after 4 months, rather 4 days, and was unpleasantly surprised when I did not find it there…. When Christmas came around, I really was happily surprised when I opened my present and it was the red lambo!!

I was in a simple discussion with TheHotness sometime last week, or was it the other day…

Anyways, we were chatting about professionalism within the industry a friend of hers works in and she intimated to me how someone she knows got a chance to do something he likes, and has taken every shot at what it has to offer…

He used to work as a tour guide, and currently runs one of the most professionally run tour agencies in this country. He started off as a tour guide in one the better known agencies a while back, when some of us were cutting out teeth in the female halls on campus, he was busy learning the ins and outs of the tourism industry…

While some of us were gunning for rugby glory and aiming at competing for the National Junior Team spots, he was learning how to charm his way into the hearts and minds of happy clients…

By the time I was gradding from Uni with a degree in Economics and Finance, he was in the third year of his company, and had made numerous mistakes along with a little money as well. He currently is the president of the local association of tour operators in our country and has what it takes to push things in the right way.

I noticed the belief in which TheHotness was talking about him and realized that ThePassion that he has for what he does is what drives him.

I personally still have a passion for cars, and yes a few other things that have enabled me to come slowly but surely to where I am…

That passion is what TheSoloDawgKing is always talking about on his inspirational joints… The fact that you can share this passion is what makes me smile the most…

That shared passion will make me into a better man…

Ok, nuff sed…



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21 07 2009
Theatre in the Fifties » Blog Archive » Fast Monday links

[…] mom’s Boss used to drive a Rolls Royce, and the Percy’s dad to pick him up in a Lotus Espirit… So you can imagine my glee when Percy’s Birthday would come around coz his dad was a real car connoisseur… He had a green Jaguar, … […]

21 07 2009

Heard of that man too…

Yeah, nothing makes passion as good as when it is shared. Cool man.

21 07 2009

Word dawg. Passion above all else is what helps you get to the top. Skill can be learnt. Talent helps, but without pure unbridled passion, you’ll always be floating in an endless sea without direction.

Whatever happened to all those Peugots that used to be around the hood?

Dope post. Me likey. Holla at TheHotness.

21 07 2009

@theatre in the 50s…

Cheers mate…
nothing makes it as good when it is shared

i hear you dawg….

21 07 2009
the antipop

a Rolls Royce,
Lotus Espirit…
jaguar, and a black Merc Stretch…
Peugot 504 Station wagon…

whoa, dude!

21 07 2009

i know so many tour guides and all of them love the fast life, you know on the road its interesting, i cant understand what car is what but eeeh man you love cars, i should become an oprah winfrey soon and get you a car!

21 07 2009

yeah, the “nuff sed”was just in time, i was starting to expect a teardrop to pop up at any minute.

but true, passion is a neccessity, if you havent passion you are as good as dead, its a pity people move around without the foggiest idea where they are going or where they are coming from. till later, keep it Streetside.

21 07 2009

Whoa, what!

Yep Lucy, i do appreciate cars…

Indeed dawg. keep it streetside

22 07 2009

Those are some antiques……….

If u get excited every morning to go do ur job, and not see the front desk gal (Carsozy)…….then probably u r finding ur passion. I could be wrong but thats how i look at it.

22 07 2009

deep stuff…intarekcho and deep. i’m with you on passion; the hard bit is finding what you are passionate about and actually making money outta it

22 07 2009

passion is a very huge drive in order to succeed at something. especially when it seems that there are so many odds against you…

really good post, sankyu

22 07 2009

Passion. You have to have it.

22 07 2009

Yep B2B that sure is what it takes, coz I too saw A.W’s dream unfold right before our very eyes and now the dude is rolling in the paper, that’s if we both talking about the same dude, Apr- front desk gal is a sure fine way to start a dull morning

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