on and off…

14 08 2009

You see me and HIM have been on and on&off relationship for a little while…

I have always updated HIM with so much of my crap and even more of my triumphs… I learned from PapaBasiks that you do need to have a special relationship with HIM whatever it takes…

It was with an amazing amount of strength that my boy Eddie dropped me a Monday shout and instead of him asking if we could do lunch or hook up for an early week drink at his favourite joint, where we would most likely go ahead and debate on whether he has any chance with that new hottie in the next building, or perhaps the new business deal that needs an outside (read a basik opinion) opinion…

However from the time he said he is not feeling to good, and said that Gabs had just passed on, I almost yelled in the office!


I immediately called Pops, MrsB2B, Sis…and T…

They all JAMMED!!

I stopped working and waited for T to return my call…

At church the next day, the drama that surrounded everyone was naaaasty


I can’t add much right now


Anyways, the past four weeks have been rather unnerving for me… I have steadily been getting closer to HIM and asking him to keep the light shining for us who sometimes can’t see that far…

When Gabs passed on, I obviously had my reservations and shyte, but the fact that you can never ever be prepped enuff for the actual actions of the call telling you that HE has called you to be next to HIM!!


I am a bit messed up right now…

Can you tell?


I wrote this out in April when Gabs passed. I saw Gab’s dad a few weeks ago, and he waved at me, chatted a bit and asked how my dad is….I replied he’s good, and at that point I saw the little strength that he had used to ask me that query….


Yep, I am messed up!



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14 08 2009

you’ll be fine mrb, u’ll be fine,just keep HIM close rite?

14 08 2009

Mouring is a natural process of life so do mourn your loss, but don’t stay in that place too long. “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Indeed draw closer to HIM because guess what? In return HE will draw closer to YOU!

Love everyone you love today and tell them so because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.


14 08 2009

you got strength dude, you definately got strength. just hang in there as only a mukiga man can.

14 08 2009

Thanks dude

I hear you like you have just given me a phonecall on the mobile to re-assure me things will be fine

Thanks for this

i heard you was late yesterday!
Thanks for this!
and for the record, i ain’t no mukiga… but i guess hanging with one does that to you!
Nyowe ndi munyankole….

14 08 2009

There’s always a better tomorrow, stay cool ol’boy, the sun will always shine through after the storm.

14 08 2009

Call me about your ticket to attend Tusker Project Fame 3 House opening at Effendy’s on Sunday.

15 08 2009


16 08 2009

There is love shining through. There is life now. Death reminds us we are agents to love and live life now

18 08 2009

This is scary…explains your silence man. God-speed man…God-speed

20 08 2009


20 08 2009


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