My date with Tumwijuke

30 08 2009

So as we had pre-arranged it, I agreed to meet her at that quiet hang out in Entebbe called Q’s Joint…. It was a stray Sunday evening with no plans of heading to work the next day, as I, B2B was on leave for a few days… and Tumwi… well being freelance is her thing….

So I arrived on time as I sometimes do for all the dates I have been on, and called her like a gentleman does when I didn’t see her seated in the spot she had chosen. She told me to just look in the left corner of the spot and come and sit next to her. I waved and went to the bar and asked to have the waiter come over to where we were seated…

So, as I walked towards her, she did not flinch, she just continued looking at me like I was the usual suspect and I indeed read her mind and did Verbal Kint’s lame walk reminiscent of the Kaiser Soze in…………

Anyways, that didn’t cause any appreciation as the real reason whey we had agreed to hook-up was primarily business… It went like this:

B2B: howdie Miss Tumwi… Thank you for turning up!

Tumwi: Basiks, I see you appreciate time keeping! That is a good sign!

B2B: Yeah, I learnt the hard way… Missed a few deals because I assumed people were on Ugandan time like I was!

Tumwi: I know the feeling Basiks…. One if the main drivers of Uganda’s Private Sector is time keeping…. The reverse is true for the honourable state employees!

B2B: you hit the nail right on the head Tumwi

After the waiter came by, and we had ordered; (no prizes for guessing)

I had a cup of stir fried rice with vegetables and grilled fish fillet with a touch of tarter-sauce, while the lady had pork chops n’ebigenerako! With a cold beer for me, and a glass of *&#$%@ cocktail, which I can not name here, as the joint has some innocent readers!

We talked about the possibility of setting up a News/ Knowledge Portal that would envy The Sun, The RedPaper, and BBC’s The WeakestLink! We chatted at length about is disadvantages and impracticalities in a very different type set-up in a country like ours. She seemed pretty skeptical, but I asked her how the concept of Uganda Health Marketing Group came up with the TV program that airs on Sundays and has Irene Kulabako as its host with Abbey Mukiibi! She didn’t react much, till I finished my point!

She then asked me the target audience!

I told her the main target is intended to begin at the age of 15 i.e those that have just started O’Level… and my reason was the fact that the information diarrhea that is seeping through Uganda’s teenage population is nasty! Young people know  more about a certain Mr. Keifer Bauer, wait… a certain Jack Sutherland than what is going on in our very own Teso! People are amazed when the lightening Bolt decimated the 100m WR, but do not even know about Moses Kipsiro’s mishap as he ended up 4th in Berlin a few days ago!

The youth are more conscious about Dr. Meredith Grey’s age and on-going happy humping with a handsome brain surgeon than the plight facing the state of public health institutions in our own country!

This got her going, as she added the fact that the mess of the Ugandan education system is one that has been gradually spread and not listened too by those that set it up for the lower numbered population in the 1960s and 70s…. You should have seen the disgust on her face when I asked her comments on the unaccounted for public funds that are being wasted in trying to develop a National Construction company t compete with the Zzimwe’s, ROKO’s and Pearl Engineering type firms in Uganda!

It is amazing when you sort of share the same or should I say similar rants with someone who effortlessly expresses them!

The discussion reached its high point when she asked me how this plan is intended to work! I told her that we embark on a regional school drive spending time with students across different regions alerting them of the rot that is going on in the Ugandan public administration system… Alert them that not all is lost, but lobbying done to parliament is allowing the inclusion of a few new subjects in the curriculum like entrepreneurship, personal money, and career guidance  that will allow them to start thinking deeply about themselves and their impact in the future, by making better choices now….

The discussion ended a little earlier than we had envisaged, but it was time well spent!

I am not going to bother letting you know that Tumwi was wearing a dark coloured skirt with a light top which showed off her cleavage…. Ok, not that I was looking! And also that she has a dope i-phone… also, she is very eloquent even more so than she sounds in her posts! And on top of that, her head contains lots of information about Uganda…. as you listen to her, you can’t fail to see her love for this country, and one day perhaps…. she could harbour some potential leadership ambitions….

She didn’t even flinch when I asked her this. All she did was say she would love to act as a voice for the ones that are down! And not as a full fledged politician! She did draw some lovely inspiration from the late Corazon Aquino and Benazir Bhutto!


Anyways, nuff with the fiction, me and Tumwi on a date to discuss basikness is a dope idea! But she has bigger fish to fry, not so Tumwi…




20 responses

30 08 2009

well ubc the prefered network let me down, but any other day maybe….

30 08 2009

crap i posted the worng comment on the wrong blog forgive me b2b and i cant seem to be able to delete it!

31 08 2009

aha! some people building the interest!

31 08 2009

you had a date with Tumwi on a lazy sunday afternoon and you ‘discussed’ the state of the nation? really?

ah, i see this is fiction.

still, if this is the stuff you dream of…

31 08 2009

i hear you…
it’s all good
UBC or whatevz

just a random post

Fiction all the way!
and no, i do not dream of this stuff…

31 08 2009

Very well written. I didn’t think it was fiction at first. Sounds real.

1 09 2009

but it was entirely fiction!
Ask Tumwi yourself

1 09 2009

Fiction?! Was greatly fooled. Now who b Corazon Aquino? I think the youth aren’t that interested in serious info. I think…

1 09 2009

woh- for fiction, this is good..

1 09 2009

i am so anticipating tumwi’s comment!

nice though…

1 09 2009

Coeazon Aquino is the former President of The Phillippines!
And yes, fiction indeed..
er, the youth are overloaded with information

Yeh Bro,,,

I am too…

1 09 2009

sounds real to me

2 09 2009

Dawg, that was the plan…
maybe that is why she is not dropping a comment!

3 09 2009

Hey B2B, fiction or not, i say you should have this date, and if ever you
decide to put your idea in real action, count me in…. I would love to organise workshops in schools around the country….

I think the kids need it. I think we all need it, but hey, Children first.

3 09 2009

I hear you about that plan
the date
the workshops

it is fiction
and the children indeed need directional guidance

4 09 2009

make it real. it dont have to be fictional

4 09 2009

I was just told about this by Darlkom today.

You have to introduce me to this Tumwi chick one of these days.

Or you could ditch her and buy me a drink …

18 09 2009

about that drink!
how about sometime next week!

29 09 2009

Dude can’t quite put my finger on it, but having read a couple of your posts in one seating, I can’t help but ask….are you alright?
Listen to Q’s Jook Joint, it might take the edge off things, holler back

23 10 2009

This was fiction?

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