8 09 2009

The unspoken word does not usually come out…

Allow me to give you an example…

You are at the lecture theatre. You are late. But there is a cute lady at the near-front with a free chair next to her…. You start walking over in her direction, and whence she sees you, she automatically scoots over to the next chair coz she has peeped at you and noticed that you need to grab the seat next to hers…


When you are at the yawning stage of a lengthy business meeting and the lovely lady seated across from you notices and just stands up and goes to open a window to let in the cool breeze that is lacking and cause the acting chairperson to stop nodding off uncontrollably!

Or better yet, when the RogueKing and Queen or better yet, Uncle and Auntie Pop have an un-necessary argument and end up not saying nada to each other till someone waves the white flag….

The moments of unspoken thoughts are legendary, just like when Vince Carter stuck his hand in the ring for a honey dip at the 2000 slam dunk contest…. Don’t believe me huh!

Ask my main man Moe... He was there…

The ish with the unspoken word is that it takes quite a little observance skills, that are really hard to come by especially as we are always taken aback by what comes out fo people’s mouths…

The unspoken word can be a huge positive though, if used properly!

It allows the other person to cleverly anticipate what the other one will say….

Like if your Boss is tripping over something you anticipated and yet, you are trying to direct the conversation elsewhere, you end up waiting for him to get there, and when he does…..

It’s over…

I guess I am not getting at anything…

Just an attempt at randomizes….

Hola at Mrs Basiks for me, so we can get her to write more…..



15 responses

8 09 2009

“The unspoken word can be a huge positive though, if used properly!

It allows the other person to cleverly anticipate what the other one will say….”

Interesting posit. Tsap Basix.

8 09 2009

I hear you…
wsup yourself..

8 09 2009

Interesting. Perhaps if I wasn’t so tired that day, I would have chatted up the belle next to me in the taxi. Speaking of which, where was this post when I needed it?

8 09 2009

I know what you mean

8 09 2009

i think you started this thing and somehow just went with the flow…me you lost me somewhere but i kinda get what u are saying…Mrs Basics, please write some more..

8 09 2009

Mate, i know what you mean in a way too!
I did sorta lose it, but i think i can clear it up at a second attempt!
Thanks for giving a shout out to thehotness

8 09 2009

Unspoken words at times can be treaky. Hard to interprete….

8 09 2009

Unspoken word. That look that tells you that what you saying is better not said.

9 09 2009

true that..
sometimes it’s like eggshells…

i totally hear you!

9 09 2009
Miss Cheri

B2B, like eggshells? Explain please.

9 09 2009

i am confused… probably not your fault though…

10 09 2009

when what you say causes drama…
like stepping on eggshells…

it will hit you soon enough…

11 09 2009

interesting you, intersting…

14 09 2009

I hear you Luceeee.

29 09 2009

Mrs. Basics, B2B is in love with you, and would like to read more of your self expressions. Go on Girl, write some more 🙂

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