23 09 2009

I see you chatting in the corner with your friends and your natural smile captures me automatically…. I try not to look twice, but the hearty laugh I keep hearing makes me steal glances over to your table….

 At first I am blinded by the cleavage of the cute friend of yours seated to your right, but then you laugh a little deeper and you try to take a deep breathe to catch yourself so you don’t die of laughter…

I look away from the cleavage just in time as you catch me looking at the lovely pair of coconuts… I maintain the look in your eyes, and your friends notice the look and also look at me!

I do not flinch and actually step up from my table of chips and a pitza, and walk calmly to you all the while maintaining the steady eye contact…. I then whisper into your ear that you have a beautiful smile….

You then blush mildly and I ask for your name and number….

Your friends are all silent and wait as you input the digits in my phone but reply that you will tell me your name when I call and I see that the gun shot for the game has began

I walk away and do not look back, and sit and finish my chips, cheese burger and the hot coffee…

You and your friends keep chatting away as I finish reading my John Grisham in peace and steal one last look at your friend’s cleavage and your smile in between glances…

You and your friends walk out in haste as it is getting late and you all need to cramp into one ride….

The next week blazes by and I call your phone on a Monday evening and I am surprised to find it is off…

I head to the library to catch up on some reading for exams and I am pleasantly surprised when I get your call saying who you are and that you found a missed call message…

I smile over the phone and tell you I can’t get your smile out of my mind!

I hear you grin on the phone and then you keep quiet. I take my cue and ask if I could see hat smile again sometime soon… You ask when and I say the day after tomorrow…

The day after tomorrow can not come quick enough and I am forced to engage my patience game!

I do not call or text as not to tempt fate!

The day finally comes and I dress up in my usual gear and ask the Lord to fast forward the work day!

I text you at 5.00pm letting you know where and when and we finally meet!

We hit it off like two old chums and go back and forth about how our lives are so interesting! Then we realize that it is time to head home and look deep into each other’s eyes knowing definitely that we are going to see more of each other….


Lulu, this is sorta like your writing… I am not copywriting anything..

Just dreamy sort of! I could be wrong!



19 responses

23 09 2009

ladies, gentlemen, wankers…i believe the socks are mine…

23 09 2009

you guy, the swoony language here in much unlike you; i think u wore a pink shirt to work today

23 09 2009

It’s actually purple…

23 09 2009
the emrys

there are wankers on here…so player, this smile chic, was she one you were with at NYK on sato?

23 09 2009

Sheesh! It’s almost unfair that such a fictional character can possess that much charm and swag, and still not be irritating. So, he went for the smile, eh? I won’t be surprised if something changes.

23 09 2009

And that my friends, is GAME.

Mad props player.

23 09 2009
Miss Cheri

Sleek, what is wanking? Or rather, who are the wankers?

And lol on the pink shirt. I think it was a light shade of girl baby pink and a darker shade pink tie. And pink boxers.

Yes, my thought process stretches further than just shirts and ties.

23 09 2009

Ok…my eyes went a bit glazed (or mebe its the flu?)

Sigh….me like!

Lols @Cheri’s thought process….

24 09 2009

Nice one. Very wonderful poem

24 09 2009

nice try , i like it…. but it is like how i woulsd write ish! lol

24 09 2009

dude, u the MAN!

24 09 2009

Smile over tits! I love it lol

26 09 2009

I like alot….

29 09 2009

its beautifully written but we know its fiction coz a guy chose a smile over tits. That will be the day!!

29 09 2009

Ooops, (pained expression) tee hee hee, (doubling over in fits of laughter)

29 09 2009

Say it with me…

29 09 2009

what are we saying together petesmama?

2 10 2009

Hook me up with the tits man! aint got game like u do.

14 10 2009

were you having chips and “pitza” or chips a burger and a hot coffee?

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