18 10 2009

Some people will argue that being an introvert, is synonymous with wanting to be alone most of the time. This is not necessary true, in Blabelle’s experience. I have met introverted people, just that-introverted. They can interact at work, parties, they even hang out but it won’t be long before you get to know that they are introverts, there’s a side to them that you just won’t break into. But good thing is as soon as you get to know this, you get to flow with them regardless….

But an ‘introverted loner’ is…. hmmmm! very different. This is a dangerous combination if you ask me. I mean picture this: a person is an introvert, and a loner…wow! How do you possibly break through to them. Those two walls {introvert and loner} are quite high, probably with electric barbed wire at the top! Simply put: access denied before you even try anything. Now, extreme extroverts get so bothered by the ‘Introverted Loner’, because why? They {extreme extroverts} just can’t figure out how someone can afford to be and an introvert and on top of that, a loner. I hope you get my drift, huh?

So when the coin is tossed in the air and we expect a head to turn up and end up getting a tail, we are consistently surprised that we end up acting contrary to how we say we are going to act…

As being the total opposite of being an introvert, yet totally click the loner part, I must say that I am growing comfortable in my skin as being an Extroverted Loner…

Truth be told that when I am in the company of many, I do tend to both act and react in a very candid way and blend into the company with much ease…

Deep down however I would rather just be by me’self… Chilling out watching and observing whatevz is goingz on… Many times this ease of blending is mis-interpreted totally by the wannabe playa types and end up messing up my rep by thinking and saying that the BasiksDawg is a smoothe type dude who can and eventually gets chics easily….

It used to bother me loads, till I recently realised that the power of self is what is controlled in a gradual sort of way…. The power of self is what we all too cleverly attempt to ignore and just plow along like the world is making its own footsteps for you…

This power of self is what made me realise that one can both be an extrovert and a loner at the same time….



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19 10 2009

Totally with you dawg.

I’m an introvert, through and through (so much that I got labelled as “arrogant” for a long time). I only started opening up when I got into business, coz it required you socialize and engage, to an extent.

But every once in a while, the introverted loner comes out and I just sit and watch, knowing if I sat still enough, the world will ignore me. Besides, observing social dynamics is so much fun!

Anyways, I think many people look at what they are (or what they’re not) and think there’s a problem with that, instead of embracing that which they cannot change and learning to use that a strength.

It’s amazing how refreshing being yourself can be!

Apologies for the minipost. 🙂

19 10 2009

Observing is more fun than being observed.

19 10 2009

extroverted loner… interesting combination.

i am like solo king, an introvert who is very comfortable in her skin.

19 10 2009

Introverted loner… Stuff great thinkers are made of. Extroverted loner? That sounds like an enigma…

19 10 2009

I’m an introverted loner plus plus.That’s why you’ll find that I’m the only person with less than 20 friends on facebook and less than 10 on twitter. I guess I’m anti-social.Don’t know

20 10 2009

extrovert loner…..
2 x-ters in one

20 10 2009

i have jam…you!you! (pointing accusing finger..)

26 10 2009

I don’t know what I am. I am who I am. Dnt care 2 label myself.

27 10 2009

no you are not an extroverted loner, you are a healthy blend of an intorvert and extovert only that one of theem is dominant find out which one

27 10 2009

petes mama is pretty phlegmatic, i see

14 12 2009

I’m an extroverted loner. It does bother me to a certain extent however cuz I often think to myself if I’m that extroverted then why do I spend increasing amounts of time alone. I love going out into the town on weekends but hardly any friends to go with. At the same time I love working with people, networking, and getting to know others.

14 12 2009

Same shyte! (excuse my french)
I am in the exact same boat!
thanks for passing by!

2 01 2010

It’s good to know that I’m not alone on this B2B. So I take it that you’re of French descent? You from France?

2 01 2010

Yeah I long being around other people but all that extreme social anxiety keeps me away from the social scene. And it’s been like that for me all my life so I’m guessing it’s just my nature to lead such a life!

2 01 2010

Nope, n’est pas….
I am definitely not from France…

About the extroverted loner, i know what you mea.
Many times, one wants to be around peeps, but actually ends up chillng out!

Thanks again for passing by!
You got a blog?

17 01 2010

Yeah I do. It’s mamarama3000.blogspot.com. Hope you check it out sometime.

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