Over due words…

2 12 2009

You know how you get ticked off when someone pisses you off without them knowing, and then just when you want to rant in their face, they go and do something real nice for you that totally obliterates whatevz the rubbish they were saying earlier….

This is for the sun in my life….

And Erique, and Sleek, it is ok sometimes (although not more than 3 times a year) to be seen as some mushy guy, capisch?


I am getting to that point when appreciation  feels so dope,

And apologies are deeper when shown not said

I want to get to that point where what i mean is understood without having to explain me’self

I know the feeling of knowing that somebody out there gives a shyte for you as much as you do

I get scared in knowing that sometimes i give a shyte about her even more that i do for me’self..

Many times, rants and ramblings help

Many times they just make things worse

The MTN marathon was worth all the hustle and bustle…

But you are worth much more Sunshine

Even more than you know…..

Need to grab a shot of JD’s on crushed ice by the bar with the bar tender with dope convo…



11 responses

2 12 2009

Awww…. no words.

2 12 2009

Except, of course, to mention that I am so dancing these firsties.

3 12 2009

gwe, we need to grab more than a shot of JD. u got the hook up? Holla!

3 12 2009

Petemeister’s Momz…
Firsties huh!

For Shizzle!!!

3 12 2009

B2B- I so feel you on the first statement: my very own truant puts me in a runt and then does something incredibly nice and I’m like…sssssffsfsffsffffffssss-arrrggghhhhh…

3 12 2009

Major smiles and awwwsss at this here post!! Major!!!!

4 12 2009

I hear you!

Smiles huh!

4 12 2009

grabbing that glass with you….

4 12 2009
Ugandan girl

(loooking left and right) can i grab on too..?

10 12 2009
Mrs. B2B

🙂 and i am forever grateful that you are my man…

23 12 2009

3 times a year? goddit..i think i’ll store all my muchiness for xmas time and the likes

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