101|it starts|

4 12 2009

So I saw her standing bending over the railing with a tush that fitted so perfectly in my hands. I pretended not to notice as I was listening to my friend explain to me exactly three more steps to get the number of zeros to move from 4 to 5 on the new bank account as the purchase of the local bank by the bigger international bank had caused some drama in allocation of new moneys on his account and he new a system to make it better…

She was looking away at the time and I was praying that her attention gets caught this way… She was light skinned and her hair was just a little bit messy as the wind had gone through it a few times…

So, step four needed two people to press the ENTER key at the exact same second and we would have the amount reading 450,000 to 4,500,000 in less than 5seconds..

She got something in her hair and I asked my friend for a second as I quickly approached her with a lame excuse that something is in her hair… before she could say squat, I removed it and quickly walked away, but not before I carefully noticed that she was a stunner; the ones that do not need to pretend that they are hott; the ones who are hott without trying and get bored by the fact that almost every dude comes up to them and says that they are hott; geez… I could go on

So I walked away leaving her without giving her the chance to say thank you!

3 minutes later, ok just a short while later, I walked backwards and stepped up to her and asked her what the lamest line she has been hit on with… She tried to hide the smile, and right there and then, we clicked…

We switched email addresses (yes King, doing it Rogue-Style) and I sent her a one liner the very next day…

I checked after 3 days and found a similar one-liner and realised that she was attempting to show me her game…




18 responses

4 12 2009

socks….are we talking about Mrs. B2B?

4 12 2009

Gimme a few more Fridays and we shall both find out!

5 12 2009

“… her hair was just a little bit messy as the wind had gone through it a few times…”

It’s a frigging weave dude. It would probably melt in the Ugandan heat.

On other issues, not to nit pick, but …

“So I saw her standing bending over the railing with a tush that fitted so perfectly in my hands.’

I don’t know you that well, but your hands aren’t big enough for a proper Africa woman. How old was this girl, 10?


5 12 2009

the opening line at nodesix had me first moma. now to read.

5 12 2009

i you have attended a pimp seminar. keep us updated.

6 12 2009

am using that pick up line first moment I get, and I want in on that entrapment bank heist.

6 12 2009

ouch tumwi! i like the way you wrote this brotha!

7 12 2009

I appreciate the fact that you look lovely with your short hair!
And yes, my hands have been known to become bigger at the rightest time!


Dude, break me in on the reaction it gets!

And it is attempts at a B2B Series of sorts!

7 12 2009

B2B is this real…..? and this is a serious qn.

8 12 2009

wait and find out…
naye, ng’obuze Madam!

8 12 2009

How long am i to wait for?…..nga am a very impatient woman.

Where have u been looking?….saw u along K’la road last week.

9 12 2009

I know about you and your legendary “impatience”
Legendary i repeat!

And i checked my email, checked my phonebook for texts…

and next time you “see” me on K’la Rd, speak-up chic otherwise it will sound like a story!

10 12 2009


and once again, hmmmm…

11 12 2009


Respect. Keep the game flowin’.

12 12 2009

TBC means what?

17 12 2009

Waiting patiently for the TBC…

17 12 2009

Hmmn all you want!

Well received dawg!
And i will keep on!

TBC = To Be Continued

Dude, i have gone on already!
check out 101| it moves on

28 04 2010
101| progress interrruptus… « B2B’s…

[…] progress interrruptus… 28 04 2010 Starting here, moving along here, finding direction here, and making progress […]

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