101| it finds a smooth direction

18 12 2009

If you are just joining, start where 101| it starts and then 101| it moves on from…

So we met at that cute little digs near her home. She had pulled it off coz she was quite close to her old school mate who runs the place. We had been there twice since she found my detailed resume on her Dad’s printer..

What had occurred between then and now…

The night she called me, she asked me if I remember Ms. Hips from St. Mary’s… I asked her how she knew I hustled my O’Level at the best boy’s school ever, and she continued asking about my conquests as the captain of the school’s rugby team and also how I managed to juggle that while being on the comiittees of sports, untertainment and yes the debate teams…

Before I could even put two and two together, she quickly told me she would call me later in the wee hours and I should leave my cell phone on, so that we could continue her 21 questions (link in)…

I holla’d at Hommie and told him what I thought about getting a possible gig at the bank. Hommie seemed a little tense as we chatted on the phone, and I asked him what was on his mind… He shared with me his fear of being caught, and also being tossed in the slammer….

I shared with him my confidence and assured him that we are way too smart for the slammer. The chaps at the slammer would surely end up being more on the receiving end of an improved management systems analysis if we were ever locked up! I calmly told him that we still have a plan that we are going to see through till the end just like Barcelona did to thrash a certain Man-Utd at the UEFA Champion’s League 2009 final…

He seemed less tense and then just chilled…

Anyways, we agreed to meet up the next morning at his digs, and plan a way forward on how to sneak the gig at the bank.

Fyne called me later that night after I had crashed out and insisted I wake up to “talk”… I asked her for 5 to take a leak, and wash up me face so that I can “maintain” at least 10 to stay awake…

She told me that she really wanted to see me, as she had a few queries that she wanted to ask me one-on-one! I asked if is tomorrow afternoon was working, and she told me she even knows a place that she has a feeling I would settle in so well…

Next morning while having cereal at Hommie’s digs, I asked him if he remembered our plan. He nodded his head just like Dr. Sheldon does when he can not get what sarcastic notions his friends Howard and Leonard are attempting to insinuate on NBC’s Big Bang Theory… I re-iterated the importance of follow-through on whatever plan one has, and carefully checking for any signs…. He relaxed even more when o told him I was meeting the HNIC’s daughter called Fyne…. He almost choked on his weetabix… He had that “5W-question” in his eyes….

I chilled out and told him to break out Grand Theft Auto on the PS-3 and we talk about it tomorrow…

She sent a text message with directions and asked me to come with at least 2 large notes… I replied that I had the directions on point and I would make sure that I find another large note as I already had one in my wallet….

I asked Hommie to maintain his composure just like the dude in GTA, and forget whatever and just read some literature on interview techniques, and dealing with difficult people… He asked me why, and I promised I would let him know only when he catches a few pages on the topics highlighted…

The directions to Fyne’s recommended digs were clear as day, and I was just about to call her that I was almost there when the ride I was in stopped at the junction and I saw her foine-tush walking away from a cute orange coloured Beemer-Mini-Cooper….

I then remembered how much of a stunner she was (read is) I completely forgot about Hommie Whatshisname!!!

Anyways, the place was kewl, and had a mean cheese-burger just like Ozzie’s (hola P’sMomz) and hott fries…. We settled after filling our tummies and then she came out with it directly!

“Basiks, how come your resume is in my dad’s hands?”

“How come you did not share this with me?”

“When were you planning on telling me this?”

In all her huffing and puffing, Fyne was just getting hotter and hotter… I fully understood what Ne-Yo meant when he sang… “when you’re mad!”

I calmed her down and told her that me and my friend Hommie were freelance Business/IT/Development Consultants and were looking for new contracts…

“when were you gwan tell me?”

Geez, I sighed and wondered how we moved from me hitting on her subtly to late night conversations to full-blown boyfriend+girlfriend arguments!!!

I waited quietly for her frustrations to blow over as I realized that all she wanted to know was how come she was not in the loop earlier… I asked the waiter to bring two bottles of water and calmly shared with her how I am still learning who she is and I feel her ish of wanting to know about my ish. I also told her that I think she is a good listener and I will let her in at my pace, and that she shouldn’t worry…

I then suggested we take a drive to a nice spot I knew… She smiled and handed me the keys to the Coop! on the way there, she told me she has a place she likes going to as well, when she wants to shut people out. It was more than a coincidence when we ended up directing each other to the same digs. Up right, turn left at the end and drive straight past the huge water tank, and then walk a short distance past the high wall fence and voila….

The view had never changed and we ended up sitting in silence just wondering what was on each other’s mind…. As it were, we both spoke at the same time and both hesitated waiting for the other to go first.

She told me she was surprised that someone other than herself knew this “special” digs… I was so smitten at this point by Fyne that I almost grabbed her and smooched her right there…. I was taken aback when I found myself doing just that. She responded by kissing me back and when we broke off, she looked deep in my eyes and asked me…

“basiks dawg, are you a playa”




11 responses

18 12 2009

how come we cant see other pple’s comment.i loved this piecen cos it ended with u getting the chic and for u to feel/dig the same spot , thr is definitely something thr

18 12 2009

Basiks,”smooched?” who says that anymore? otherwise this is Interesting…i enjoyed reading.

18 12 2009

Thanks for the query!
The comments are on different posts…
On the right hand menu of this blog, there’s a tab with the latest comments filed under “checking the basiks”
It has the newest 5 comments MizCynic.

But just click the first two posts in the right hand menu under the second tab called “newer basiks”
1st one: 101| it starts
2nd one: 101| it moves on

Wait for the next section!

19 12 2009

thanks for dropping by…

21 12 2009

Basiks, the bank heist!!!!!!!!! Interesting read. Hope there’s a part IV

23 12 2009
dark chocolate

B2B…Basiks, its been a while…great read!!!

Would have loved to let Fyne know that YOU ARE THE PLAYA…but not the loud kind, the subtle kind…oh yeah stealthy in every way….nice!

mad love.dc

31 12 2009

ouch i feel the build up!

31 12 2009

Eeeeeeeeh feels like i know the spot u went to….and boy the two of u were fast u could hardly keep ur hands to urselves….

8 01 2010

you really crack me up…ur life is so interesting..
will be a regular at ur spot….thanx for dropping by 🙂

8 01 2010

There is mosdef a part IV in the works Bee.
I won’t spill any milke here, but be sure i am thinking it up.. Just a bit swamped with some four lettered words called W.O.R.K

You came by again, and finally commented chic…
Welcome by!
I feel the mad love DC, but what’s that about stealth-ness!!

I am with you!
I confess that i want to do a post with you!
On what, i have no idea at all, but we can organise sometime in a few!

That place huh! CHUCKLES!!
Wait for the next installments

Much appreciated
Also, your joint is the shyte too!
it rocketh even more than AntiPop used to!!

1 04 2010
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