It comes with the territory…

12 03 2010

So in between my first year and my sophomore year at the prestigious Faculty of Economics and Management at our local University, I was hanging with a bunch of ol’ skool cronies who unlike me were more interested in the human anatomy and took the pain staking liberties to register at the Medical School! You see we used to play some crazy a** rugby together and with me being the fly-half, a lot orf the time I was called upon to be the play-maker of the team standing in the middle of the pitch.

I had gotten used to being stung with iodine, and needing ruthless massages on my arms and shoulders from that cute nurse on the training ground. When Doctors in the making suggested that we head across the country to hang out with another bunch of hommies in the country’s other medical school in a town that I know only too well, who was I to dilly-dally…

I told everyone at home that I was splitting home base for the weekend and I organised some quick moolah from both Uncle Jay, and Auntie Phi! The bus ride was pretty uneventful, as I was plying this route for the nth time and not really into the usual sight seeing… That was until I fell asleep and was woken up a calm 5 minutes later (in my dream that is) that we had reached the mid-west and we were alighting in the next 5 minutes. I checked my watch and realised I had been asleep for at the past2 hours straight!

So, we got off the bus and made our way to the Students Hostel right on Campus. Trust the boys to have no idea where or where we were going to sleep. I informed the gents that I needed a shower, and a change of gear and that I would meet up with them in the watering hole of their choice as I was in on the action.

So a quarter of an hour later, I was seated at the corner of the bar chilling with one of the soon-to-be-doctors. He was narrating to me why a Doctor will never ever get drunk. He will get blazed, tipsy, pissed, blazingoes, and full blown wasted, but he will never get drunk.

“Y’see Basiks, in medicine, there’s something called XVCtfevdwvcgvcyxcv… (read the word limitations”

“and once you are tested, you will always know your limits” continued the now Clinical Diagnostician who plies his trade at St. John’s Hopkins Medical School as a Junior Lecturer down in Maryland!

“as medics, we are always expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and this makes you want to want to go the extra mile”

“but BasiksDawg, let me say it once”

“we are not God!”

“we have our limits, and as there are a billion or so research campaigns that find out what is happening in the medical world, the man upstairs doesn’t need research”

My home boi Doc. Wroi ordered for two triple Bond7s and we shot ‘em down and asked me to carefully observe how the Doctors in the making were carefully gauging their drink range!

He further told me that if you are a doctor-in-the-making, you will be tested, and I should learn to always be wary of issues and deal with them because they indeed come with the territory!


Hey Princess, I am attempting a slow but sure come-back to the murky and often under-rated world of the Ug-BlogoSphere..

SleekDawg, hola at your boi for the next Major BHH, but let’s c.c in the beautiful Ms. Yv Walk-On-By for directions to her digs and the pre-arranged budget so that even the fully effervescent Tumwi-licious herself can turn up and share the real tricks to being the baddest blogger ever

And yes, we can get the former Col. Ernest Bazanye (indeed) to show up to and give us a brief of his next compilation of Bad ideas..

The rest, fall in line…



11 responses

12 03 2010

I see the energy bursting out of this post. A very big welcome back, Mr. B2B!!

12 03 2010

Yeah, right! Mbu testing their limits.
Good thing they were docs in training, so first aid was assured.

13 03 2010

naye docs can feel wow… with good reason though…

13 03 2010

Heya, Making a rare appearance. consider yourself blessed.

15 03 2010

Sockies huh!
Thanks for the welcomezzzz


Indeed they can, but they end up even more humble than you can guess!

Welcome back toooo
And if course i feel blessed!

16 03 2010

the rest fall in line indeed! eh! have i fallen so far?

18 03 2010

Haha Lucy 🙂 Basics, welcome back!

19 03 2010

Heh heh. I had forgotten that I was a Colonel. Kyokka Baz.

21 03 2010

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21 03 2010

Guard commanders?!

30 03 2010

Basics, some showing us spam comments…hehe,mosdef..for me i shall do my work

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