101| Indeed it has progressed

1 04 2010

If you are just joining us here at B2B’s, please find out where 101|starts, 101|moves along, and where currently 101|finds a direction

I did not flinch when she asked me this…

I calmly reacted by telling her…

“Fyne-ness, I am not a player anymore”

She sort of smiled, and right there and then, she seemed to make a mental note that she had believed what I was saying.

I waited for her to ask again, and realized that she was going to be shy about the whole thing.

I did not wait for her, and quickly (and surely) gave her another smooch full on softest lips ever. (Giko, smooch… LOLS)

She smooched me back till her cell phone ring tone went off. I was calm and eased away from her giving her the space she did not ask for, and then remembered that I had not hollered at Hommie since I had told him I was going to do so earlier…

I quickly reached for my cell and was sending him a text message informing him that I would see him later on tonight. I did not give him an apology or even bother saying where I would see him, but I would just call him in the next 30. Just as I had hit send, Fyne sneaked up behind me and gave me a reverse-hug and asked me,

“Basiks, I thought you was not a playa”

“Who was that you was texting huh”

I realized that she was going to trip about drama that I had no interest in explaining now, so I just turned around and smooched her one more time before I told her that I had to head out!

She did not seem amused, but played it cool like she was Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada…

I strolled off like a man is supposed to and called Hommie and told him I’d be with him at DaJoint in the next 30. Fyne called me immediately after I had hung up asking me if she could drop me anywhere, as she had a ride (dope ride too) and then maybe she would see where I hang out (aka Hommie’s Digs)

I obliged her, but didn’t want to let her in on my ish right then as I was indeed being a man about things!

She dropped me off about 10 minutes before Hommie’s Digs!

I found Hommie playing FIFA 2008 on the PS-3 and he was 4-0 down with him playing as Uganda against Spain!! (playa please)

So, I reached in his fridge and grabbed him a cold Pillie can and tossed him one and grabbed one for myself too.

We both cracked them open and took a long swig on each before he asked me what took me so damn long and where I had been…

I waited a bit, while taking another swig of the cold pint in the can, and sat down and told him that we could get in faster than he knew. I then re-iterated the fact that we are still focusing on a plan. I told him that I was derailed by a fine fine young lady who has the hots for me.

He smiled and said I was obviously gwan jeopardize the plan if there was a rich fine chic involved….


“she’s the Boss’ only daughter”

TBC (ToBeContinued)



10 responses

2 04 2010

Dude, this chick better have some real hots or your missiles are gonna go hot for her! and by the way, Hotness on these socks right here!

5 04 2010

you smooched her again…..funny. Something is not flowing well in this episode….let me read it again.

7 04 2010

Hmm, we are waiting for episode 5.

8 04 2010

i hear ‘playa plse! lol…. anyhow, nawe dont use the word smooch, takes the romance out of it

8 04 2010

Let’s wait and see!

I know what you mean, i shall clear it up soonest

Bee’s Stylistics
Episode 5 Coming up!

Playa Please!
I get your drift!

9 04 2010

smooch… i am with lulu.

and waiting for the next ‘episode’ to unfold…

23 04 2010

Dude, yo still in the game, ain’t you?

28 04 2010

Hello! I know it’s been a while…lots of changes in my life. Hope all is well.

28 04 2010

Yeah smoooch!

Still in the game yes!

Good to hear from you.
Change is hard to deal with many times, but with God, you will persevere!

28 04 2010
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