6 05 2010

Ever wondered why you never seem to understand what goes on on the other side of the fence… Work with me here… Y’see ever since I hanged out with my Daktari Hommies way back in “it comes with the territory”, I know-ticed that some things stay between certain people not because of any other reason other than the fact that you ain’t with us…

When I was called up to play rugby for the Under-21 National Team , I wondered whether it would be the same feeling I would get as I watched the Senior Team rally in their first Ugandan International Test in a 30-27 score line, and get the same excitement!

Training Day (excuse the pun) came and we were all treated with respect by the Training Staff till the Head_Coach turned up and totally disregarded whatever the lower level coach had said…  the words stuck like glue when he said,

“You’re still on the other side…. When your thinking reaches the mind of a rugby player, you will truly be part of the rugby fraternity”

The one thing I had never ever really paid attention to in my life up until that time was the fact that wherever you go, there’s  a click of people who want you to prove that you can do what they did and at least go one better… Y’see they feel that it is their job to own the precedent and whoever wants to join ‘em must match ‘em before making any utterances…

The best part about t being on the other side, is that you usually do know where you are going, and all these other things are just tiny obstacles in your quest for true freedom!

I never ever really understood my friends’ lame attempts at medical college humour! I truly did not get it when they were telling their pharmacology one-liners and all roaring with laughter at some humour-in-excelsis cracks….

But I surely did understand what Coach Yayi was saying because I was truly a member of the fraternity




7 responses

6 05 2010

sockiss!!!!i hear u man…big big point that,though i feel u run off before completing the story..

7 05 2010

true story, deep

7 05 2010
Ug girl

i get two things from this post are 21 and you play ruby..:-) I guess i should read the post again to see if i defer with the above…:-)

7 05 2010

I hear you about running off…
I seem to have seen the point, but sorta just left it at that!

Hey Beau…
How you been…
Quiet a lot aren’t we?

When i was 21…
being part of that fraternity was soo big a deal…
but, hey…
That was then…

10 05 2010

we naturally always feel the need to belong in a common group and for some you definitely have to prove yourself

so what happened to the playing rugby?

11 05 2010

I hear you!
Just that sometimes, the proving-ness sucks…
The rugby plan is a slow but steady process..
Might start again with the amateurs…

19 06 2010

if u hit the green again,maybe i cd consider dng the same…a very long shot

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