The delicate balance

13 05 2010

The title above may not make sense if you are not fully involved in organising your life. I do not mean the usual waking up type drama, making yourself presentable and going to the office for the 9-5 and then heading back home to ease out of the drama called life….

What I mean here is when you are actively getting tired of things not going your way and you stop reacting to how things seem to be going.

You take a deep look at how things are and you make mental and actual written notes on how you want things to actually be.

You basically ACT!

Now the entire ACTing strategy is always frowned upon in real time…

Before you say I am ACTing too basic, hear me out… (You too Tumwi, even though you seem to hate the keyboard nowadays)… Your paycheque ain’t shyte… It never lasts more than 7 days! You never see your close hommies and homegirls… You miss all your favourite shows on TV, and the huge sports games you jotted down on the calendar, and TheHotness is always complaining that you don’t seem to have time for her…

Now with that basis, allow me to go deeper into the difficulties of the delicate balance..

You leave home early coz you want to reach the work place early and get deep into some project waaay before the regular office chatterboxes get in!

When you do so, TheHotness complains that you do not want to pay attention to her in the mornings

You want to watch spend some cash on yourself, but you ain’t got any left over transfer earnings (simple economics) so you do your budget analysis and then you realise that you owe more than you have coming in!

You head to watch the slamming rugger game, and you meet up with a bunch of chaps who feel that you spend too much time with TheHotness…

You get tired of all this drama, and you endeavour to ACT on it!

This necessitates taking a long hard look at yourself and wondering what really in life is worth living for!

Is it you!

Is it the chill?

Is it the work?

Is it Little Man and Sweet Angel!

Is it TheHotness herself

When you finally do get to this point is when the delicate balance actually begins!

This is when you realise that all the other realisations that you came up with a few years ago do not make no sense unless you take the deep thought process and stop doing whatever it is that you do not want to do, stop chatting about what it is you want to do and just start doing it!




17 responses

13 05 2010


14 05 2010
Ug girl

B2B…nice..i like..will start doing what i say i will do …hmm like stay away from facebook

14 05 2010

Hey you

I hear you!

14 05 2010

It’s not easy to do what we sh’d be doing B,not easy at all, all these other things some how manage to keep creeping up on us. but well, we need to try don’t we

Thanx for this one Mr Basics.

14 05 2010

I hear you too dawg,
but the effort reaps eventually if you persevere!

15 05 2010

deep… i like this. and the balance can be hard but it is so worth it…

and family and friends should always get priority above all, except God…

18 05 2010

Tru Dat!

18 05 2010

Time won’t give me time…

21 05 2010

I know what you mean!

27 05 2010

Some of us exist in permanent confusion…all the best with the balancing act and all…

Eh..I have bn lost from the blog world…hmmmm

27 05 2010

CHILD… NO Comment… but like val i have been lost from you

28 05 2010

Easier said than done. I hear you though.

29 05 2010

Balance balance…….am still trying to learn how.

U ok B2B?

31 05 2010

I hear you Val..
But drop a post kwanza!

No comment huh!
Reading your connected posts though!

I know what you mean!

I am also on the hustle!
and yes, i am doing fine!

18 06 2010

whats happenning to this place??? you guys have sold out to facebook. Write something for G’ sake!

21 06 2010

I hear you!

17 07 2010
flecks of gold

I gave the balancing thingimijig alot of thought and thats why I learnt to pole dance…

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