Basik Analogy..

26 07 2010

These days, the amount of dudes and hunnies leaving the blogosphere is alarming….

One might wonder why this is so.

So in a very new and fresh twist from the guys at B2B’s who brought you the post which highlighted the size debate; the real meaning of having game; and obviously if you have a Hottness in your life, tell her how she makes you feel…

So without any further adieu, allow me to steal Sleek’s Shine for a bit (no not you Baz), and give you a few reasons why some of us are shying away from the keyboard…

1>     Some of us fear that when (or if we blog), we might end up deleting our precious blog and have to set up a new one from scratch

2>     Some of us are actually moving jobs around the world and when we finally do get time to type out a decent blog post, we are so happy just thinking about it that we feel that is a blog post enough

3>     Some of us have moved on to Facebook after claiming that it had its issues

4>     Some of us are busy wondering whether the people who read our blogs are interested in reading about our shyte, or just wondering if we are still interested

5>     Some of us are getting swanky jobs

6>     Some of us are wishing that the Boobs Post would have a Part-II

7>     Some of us are growing the NodeSix Brand

8>     Some of us flushed Blogger because of a pair of lovely babies

9>     Some of us fell for the Gym Instructor

10> Some of us are just not interested in being on the internet anymore….

Because of this, the only thing left to do is….

Ask Tumwi how she does it so effortlessly? Tell me Tumwi, are you compensated that well by blogger?

Wait, I think maybe coz of the WC, peeps are just chilling out on their mobile devices (Dante, what’s up playa?) and getting lazier by the weekend…

I am making the stride back to Blogger…





17 responses

26 07 2010

Where are the bloggers indeed? Maybe they need to be conscripted…

26 07 2010

Where are they….. Now they post on Facebook…. and others blame twitter for killing bloggers……..

26 07 2010

Wel, i think that some of us(read you…because i am not part of this) are just looking for reasons as to why you are not blogging and there is no excuse as to why you can fail to do somethin that you love doing. Maybe two reasons sloth and uninterested. So, my dear, whr do u lie?

26 07 2010

And you are back! Kinda….

26 07 2010

call it like you see bro!
see you on the other side!

26 07 2010

Back to Blogger? Why? Whatever for?

26 07 2010

lol this has brightened my eve!

27 07 2010

I know!
Any ideas?

I hear you playa!

Not necessarily Ms…
I just have been a bit tied up, and had to deal with untie-ing that part first…
Now it will open up easily…

Welcome back too!

Dawg, i’ll hola mate!

Coz sometimes, many times, it feels good blogging!

Chuckles too!

27 07 2010

One count of lying and one count of truth.

But. Truth is, too much going on (which should make me blog even more), but still…

In any case, I’m finding my way back too 🙂

27 07 2010

I kinda fell off the face off the earth but thank’s to this wonderfull thing called gravity I am surely and steadily being dragged back in, will make first contact in a few weeks, my landing gear still has issues.

28 07 2010
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29 07 2010

@CARZ…….get a repair kit…i have a few ideas.

29 07 2010
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[…] Basik Analogy.. « B2B's… […]

1 08 2010

Carz and Missverticallychallenged seated under a tree, k.i.

2 08 2010


10 08 2010

oooh i like and so understand… i have so many posts that i write in my head but never end up on paper!

12 08 2010

Where’ve you been?
Yep, i feel you too!

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