31 07 2010

So I been hanging with a coupla lady friends of mine the past coupla years, and in between the odd 6 months of not seeing them, we always check up on each other(s) every once in a while when something major happens. You see I and my set of female hommies have made me sort of clique the female psyche…

Now one of them is close to her pops….

One of them lost her pops when we was at Uni together

The other does not talk to her pops at all

The other is an on and off sorta thing with her pops…

For sake of following through on B2B’s let’s just call each of them as below.

Smooth is close to her pops; ShyG lost her pops when we was all at Uni;

LadyJ does not talk to her pops, and MissTee is in an on and off thing with her pops…

So back2basiks I say…

Whenever one of them would meet a dude who sorta has potential, work with me here…. They would individually come to me and ask my opinion… Initially I had no idea that the bearing of my words would actually influence whether or not these young chaps had a chance of:-

A: getting in any of the afore mentioned hunnies’ pants;

B: getting to know these hunnies a lot more before getting in aforementioned hunnies’ pants;

C: getting any one of these hunnies to flip head over heels for the dude and having a real lasting relationship…

D: not even giving the chap the time of day and evaluating whether he is worth anyone’s salt…

You see, chics unlike men are not the hunters (although these days, a certain type of assertiveness is believed to be very sexy), but more often than not are the hunted.

But in true upbringing, they are not taught what discerns The_Smooth_Talking_Hunters, The_Average_Hunter, The_Weak_A**_Hunter, and finally The_Hunters_You_Are_Sure_As_Hell_Will_Never_See_Coming!

So, in response to days, weeks, weekends, months, quarters and years of listening to my female hommies making poor decisions repeatedly, and crying on my shoulder about it… I have resolved that when Little Jasmine is born, she will mosdef be the female equivalent of the Basikness….

MissTee is the only person in the aforementioned clique who actually learns from her immediate experiences…. The only time she rebounded was when she was put in touch with one of those Hunters_You_Sure_As_Hell_Never_See_Coming!

She realised half way into the journey that she was a pit stop, and resolved to end it before he leaves her hanging… Good head on her shoulder and some lingering memories

ShyG, well… This one is actually complicated… So much so that when I found out what is currently her situation, I took a whole Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening to write out to her a deep email asking how she is… No not those simple 3 or 4 lined emails… it was one of those emails where you open up a Blank Word Document and write out a bunch of things that we both went through way back when none of us new what a retake was… Neither of us new what diapers meant and well other things… As I write this, she is happy and yes, wiser now

LadyJ used to be stuck in a rut and until she read that book I sent her, well… I obviously know that she reached there mostly by herself, but it does feel refreshing to know that sometimes you have a positive influence in one of your close friends’ lives without it being forced upon

Smooth seems to have gotten over her fair share of dramatistikal issues learnt from dealing with Boys as opposed to Men. So those one on one heartfelt discussions with her Pops really gave her an edge… Not to say that her experiments were not with their own crazy results, but all in all, she got a little basikness from her Pops in some weird way.

So in all fairness and honesty, can I clearly say that a Good Girl goes bad because of no basikness….??


I am glad to be writing again…

Lucy, Carsozy, Carlo, Ivan, Chanel, Cheri, SoloDawgKing, Heaven, Sy, Tandra, AntiPopeth, SleeknWild, Dante… (ok, we know Dante flushed blogger like decades ago), Val, Iwaya (who also quit the keyboard), and Pete’sMomz..

The regular blogren….

Drop another post sometime



15 responses

31 07 2010
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1 08 2010

Pure basiks…this is so your style mate. Great to have another lost soul return

2 08 2010

Int’t Trade Portal
Where is my commission?

Cheers playa!
Any words for the chaps at the Int’s Trade Portal banange?

2 08 2010

dude, my blog is not on your blogroll!!

bad bad dawg!

great post though!

2 08 2010

I will.

2 08 2010

Ahem. This kinda reminds me of that book Taye Diggs Character wrote in the movie “best man”.

2 08 2010
flecks of gold

Hunters eh? You know what the downside is? You have to wear camouflage to hunt and although u blend beautifully in a forest, most men forget to take it off once they are out of the foliage and all a lady can say is “there goes an A**hole!” Do forgive my french. The perfect hunt is when the prey believes it caught the hunter….

2 08 2010
flecks of gold

And yes, we saw it coming….how could we not with the silly outfit and simply waves and waves of strong scent…

3 08 2010

Will put it on the list playa!
Cheers for the apprieciation mate!

Will be waiting patiently…

Some semblance to it huh!
But no “drama” as compared to Taye Digging on his friend’s woman!

Reminding me of the Game Post!

Dope line that is…
believing the prey caught the hunter!

Just sometimes…

4 08 2010

Oh, The drama is coming. The link just did its rounds to none bloggers and the agro is growing my friend. Its coming….

4 08 2010

Good Girl goes bad because of no basikness….?? [Could work you know]…

I guess it helps to see what kind of influence you be on your friends- the blind lead the blind or the one who gives the blind sight.

Nice one Basix and hopefully you will return even to BHH..


4 08 2010

darling we be qaround, put me on your blog roll you willsee i have been more consistent than you

5 08 2010

I hear you!
Bring on tha noize!!

Well, it could work, but the human mind is a very weird creation of God…
It is a touchy topic…
Wait for the feedback from ShyG, Smoothe, MissTee and LadyJ!!!!

Cheers Luceee
I see you!

10 08 2010

interesting group of friends you have…

so little jasmine will be properly schooled… i feel for the boys who will even attempt something with her…

12 08 2010

Yeah, i really appreciate them in so many ways!
Jaz will be schooled to clearly understand a few things which my Homegirls should have had some grasp on!

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