21 08 2010

I have been a huge fan of Lighthouse Family ever since my little bro Denis (now big bro, Da Big Dizzle) came home singing “lifted” after hanging out one of his close friend’s birthday parties way back when he was a little chubby 7 year old…

That particular song did not move me as much as it did Denis, but when he was doing his O’Levels and I was in Undergrad Class hustling with my Economics Drama, I bumped into this dude who was in his sophomore year at the same Economics Faculty and he liked hiphop, and rock music.

We hanged out a while with Kabzie and one time he asked me if I liked Light House Family and Seal and when I blinked, he promised that as much as I have never really listened to LightHouse, they seemed my type of music…

Fast forward a couple years to last Sunday afternoon when I was chilling, maxing and relaxing wondering what to do as all the DVDs at home were stale and re-watched more than twice, except for House #6 which was poorly recorded…

So I flipped through my old collection and found Light House Fam’s debut disc…

Of course the title track is the one which I played first and remembered the time Kabzie gave it to me when I was going through a particularly rough part of Undergrad School…

This last Sunday was coming off of a similar dramatistikal week that I did not really enjoi….

So listening to Tunde singing…

“… sun’s gon shine on everything you do…”

Indeed made my day smiley!



5 responses

22 08 2010

You’ve made my day too.

23 08 2010

Happy Birthday, B2B!! 😀

23 08 2010

I know what you mean!


26 08 2010

lighthouse family have some really good music…

28 08 2010

iam smiling too , ican feel it

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