The finished product

26 10 2010

This is always seen as an item that we are spending money on especially since it is EYE who has earned the money and EYE should expect more value than what i pay for…

This sentence came about a few months ago when i had lost my specific blogging keyboard and i was in the middle of a discussion with one of our private initiative clients.

“You see Basiks,” Q started

“the truth about the hustle is that no one ever knows or actually sees you are hustling…”

“most people are only interested in you when you begin to make progres”

Truth be told, Me and Q-man go a long long way back.

We was tight buddies at primary school and when he used to come home to play Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo NES, and hanging out at their new homes whenever his politically pimped dad was given free-reign to check out some dope properties…

So, when Q and EYE were having the laid back one on one discussion about the process of success, we never tried to take anything for granted when we were trying to know-tice the uneek set of difference that exist between us and the more energized and successful people.

My Uncle Iggy, who i could say is your typical leave school, get a job, get married and have kids type man, recently finished his MBA at the grand age of 50 and realised what the whole world was on about making hay while the sun shines, and the opportunities that have fallen into his lap at his age are astounding…

He feels that successful people should be a case study in the real world because there is always something that pushes them on, that unexplainable will to try once more… and overlook the small failure that just seemed to cause a blip in the progress meter…

The finished product never allows you to see the actual goings on, and this thus will always be a curse in the actual process…



5 responses

26 10 2010

I saw a quote recently about enjoying your successes but also enjoying the process that gets you there. Something like focus on the destination but enjoy the journey.

28 10 2010

Well, few are actually interested in the process, but at least there’s always someone who is. He/she is called an ‘apprentice.’

28 10 2010

P’s Momz
I hear you!
Indeed enjoy the journey!

Apprentice huh
I wonder what The Master’s Apprentice has to say about this!

8 11 2010

well the ones who matter will also see the whole process from the hussle to the progress and will appreciate all of it…

27 01 2011

true that!!
thanks then!

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