7 11 2010

I remember a time when we (read EYE) used to wonder how people used to get along with selfish people. Seriously. I do believe that deep down we all have an inherently selfish streak goings on with ourselves, but of course nowhere near the slightly narcissistical-ness of erm… Dr. Gregory House of HouseMD fame…

The reason why i have so aptly titled this joint “camouflage” is coz the other morning i actually saw a Chamillionaire oops, sorry a Chameleone change its colours from an amazingly beautiful green colour to an almost invisible very light borwn in the flesh!

I was privy to the act as i looked left and right and noticed that i was the only stunned individual in the surrounding vicinity that seemed to be awestruck . the little girl playing the roadside dust was busy building a castle with some stones and i was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a chameleone trying to avoid me seeing it..

I did notice that unless you really do focus, the camouflage is designed to work well.

So, building on these selfish streaks is a lesson that needs to be learnt the hard way huh Antipop. Seriously speaking, we deal with drama every hour of the day and that is when you do not even go looking for it! Amazing.

So, camouflage is designed to help you be smoothened out to make sure that when the drama does come looking for Basiks, it has to focus really hard just incase it gets a wrong form of Basiks who is realy to deal with camouflage first coz we have and are still learning to grapple with drama by the short and curlies too!



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8 11 2010

seeing a chameleone, it’s been a while. and the whole camouflage thing is amazing and for people it makes me think of war movies… Rambo anyone? or Predator.

8 11 2010

ooooh and socks!

8 11 2010

Camouflage is an innate adaptation inbuilt into everything that breathes…I’m just saying

9 11 2010

ok!!! camouflage, not invisible! go tell the sst teachers to teach the children rite wen talkin abt chameleons!
in other news…. go chek outthis blog! ROX!


28 11 2010

camouflage…hmmm an interesting piece here

9 12 2010

Some people would call the camouflage hypocrisy …

But what do I know?

(P.S. I won’t forget you when/if I see you again. Your lack of a tie and suit threw me.)

17 12 2010

I like your choice of words, makes me want to grab my dictionary ma quicker! Word power gets the mind thinking!

24 12 2010

…I did a double take and I’m kinda curious as to what you were referring to in the line quoted below, do tell.

“So, building on these selfish streaks is a lesson that needs to be learnt the hard way huh Antipop”

looking forward to it

5 01 2011
dark chocolate

story of my life….

B2B – where thou art?

17 01 2011

DC: Cheers for checking…
I am ok, and intend to get back on the horse in a few..

25 01 2011
flecks of gold

To be or not to be? That my dear old fruit, is the question.

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