26 01 2011

I have this strong feeling that whoever came up with the word under-standing really meant to say standing-under… Think about it!

Back2basiks i tell you!

The very first time i had a huge argument with erm… anyone be it my former class teacher, my mom+dad, oh shyte, my sister, my supervisor, my client, TheHottnessHerself, or even me’self…

It always came back to same thing…

Standing Under…

I used to always want to be the one who is understood. Always the one who is standing on top of the other person, and i had gained a reputation of being a retaliator with quick facts about relevantly related issues towards the argument…

This was always certain to shut up the other person and made sure that the other person would always take a second before choosing to argue with me!

You see yours truly Basiks was always one to win an argument and not giving a shyte about what the other person was thinking much less feeling!


Now in the true face or maturity, the fact that it ain’t that much about you comes to light!

I can imagine the humility it takes for someone who has been a corporate bigwig to stand-under a huge bunch of people who he knows nada about and has to make sure that their interests in the August House are met with just as much gusto as the Senior manager’s needs at your former corner office at the country’s #2 tour and travel company!!

You see, in the book of basiks, the fact that we can understand somebody by simply standing under them and giving them leeway sometimes makes you wonder if at all being an understanding person actually works…

Many a time it does, but it takes the usually unusual levels of maturity to chill and smoke a cigarette while patienlt trying to stand under the other person while they are at there place begging you to get their…


Been a while since i dropped a joint!

Shout out to former favourite blogren





Ivan… Ok, he is still in the loot

AntiPop! Ever since you found FB, blogspot was kicked to the kerb…



11 responses

26 01 2011

Hi you.

26 01 2011

what petesmama said

27 01 2011

Hey yourself

i need to get you to stop walking on by!

27 01 2011


Quite an interesting theory U got here. I just wish more ppo could read it and know how political the world can get. Trying to figure this and that out for ppo only to be taken for granted. Hmmm trrully spoken to me and I will share the knowledge.

Cnt wait to read the next…………………..

29 01 2011

well, the only this would be resolved is if we were all the same and that would be so boring. so we shall continuously strive…

hey basiks!

31 01 2011

Happy newyear B2B……

Takes lots of growin up to come to that….

1 02 2011
Ug girl

and we are alive ..:-)

1 02 2011

Glad to be standing under God’s grace.

3 02 2011

but me also you dont miss me

4 02 2011
Jeremiah Kenzi

Inspiring, as always.

Funny how sometimes when someone says they want to be understood, it’s more than likely that they just want to be heard.

You, sir, are on point.

7 02 2011

Thanks for the kudos J!
Will strive to achieve more!

I know what you mean!

Happy NuYrToo Apr!
How you been and stuff?
The growing up plan is a choice as always!

Yep we are!
How you is yourself!

Thanks for sharing that!

Will hola just for you Lucee…

Thanks for passing by Jeremiah!
Will mos-def pass by your joint too!

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