6 02 2011

Truth be told, no one ever wants to know how the plumber does his job right?

Or how the accountant makes sure that the auditor and the local tax aithorities are smiling coz he/she has set up the paperwork so smoothly and organized it in such a way to clarify it twice would be an abomination

What i am getting at is another in the truly basiknes plan….

The end of the jigsaw puzzle usually is lauded and given all due props right?

But in between finding the missing link, and the identical pieces of the pie altogether while missing on all those dope hang-out sessions, and chill-out ones too…

Funny though is no matter how hard or diligently you push along, there always is someone who makes this shyte looks so easy and can do it in her sleep…

But then between you and me, we all know that whatever story you mention, the distance taken to become the finished product has no shortcuts whatsoever….



7 responses

7 02 2011

We can t quite put our finger on it but there s something not quite right about this picture.

7 02 2011

ummmm… we are talking about????

8 02 2011

Appreciation Lucee…

of the entire result before and after…

8 02 2011

this is coming from somewhere very deep…

8 02 2011

ha ha ha 🙂 deep

8 02 2011

u not feelin appreciated B2B…..?

Am good.

9 02 2011

Maybe not…

About that drink!
We on?

Banange you chic…
Oli otya kyali!
Nga wa nkyawa!!!

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