10 02 2011

The 2006 World Cup was played in the heart of Europe in deutscheland and was won by the Italian National Football team. It was not a given as the usual suspects involved are what a Muganda would “abananyini” loosely translated as “TheUsualSuspects” in the run up to its across the Rhinelands…

After all was said and done however, the usual suspects triumphed with the final four being Italy, France, Germany and Portugal stood tall.. Twenty-Oh-Six is the first time in the history of FIFA’s WC that a person has been awarded the prestigious FIFA Player of the Year for not scoring any goals but rather protecting his goal keeper from any of the wandering superbly skilled strikers and mid-fielders… Incase you are wondering whether the name Fabio rings a bell, be sure to let it stick in your minds that most footballers who are world reknown akina Diego Maradona , David Beckham, Gabriel Batistuta, Zizou, Stevie G, David Ginola, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, and a host of other Brazilian born super-skill-ful players are actually all out attack-minded intent-filled gems…

They light up the entire stadium (and flat screen at your local sports bar) with oohs, and aaghs, when they keep going and going and leaving defenders in their wake and goal keepers looking like a pack of fallen cards, LOLs!!!

Truth be told that the way the world works is related but somewhat slightly different but the more you take a closer look at it, the more you realise that the world ani’t never chilling withthe defenders of the earth! Of course by defenders of the earth, a bwana has no serious meaning other than all those people who are serious about engaging in their own duties mainly because they like their roles and how they execute them…

Meanwhile up ahead you have the other chaps who know how to make things look really good and all the while making others stress themselves trying to make an impression that in good parts will just be brushed aside because the world usually blindsides the smaller picture for the bigger more-fun-to-be-associated with picture…

So, ask yourself one question:

Who do you know in the European and World Cup winning Spanish teams of both 2008 and 2010 respectively that is a world class defender…

Other than the amazingly talented Andreas Iniesta, Xavi, Fernando Torres, David Villa or the afro-stylized Carles Puyol???



6 responses

10 02 2011

No one really.

10 02 2011

Seriously P’sMomz…
Not even one of your Pops ManUtd Cronies!!

12 02 2011

i know alonso although he is an attacking midfielder not a defender

and puyol with that hair!

13 02 2011

ha ha ha don’t even the positions in soccer…….i watch the sport tho. But i love me some Yaya…wat position does he play anyway? Sy on the other hand loves her soccer….

16 02 2011
Ug girl

Fabregas…thats the name i have for you ..

1 06 2011
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