24 02 2011

Michael_Jack heard it as black or white.

There is no half way| in between| almost made it|

I beg to digress…

You see all this comes about only and only when it really does matter!
And when does it really do matter…???

When ever you deal with someone’s emotions, it matters

Examples aside…

You check out hot shawtie on the phone at the corner looking all snazzy and not bothered by the wind whistling under her skirt… (I can imagine the view, hmmmn!)

You walk up to her to say hi. She sees your intent in your eyes, and tells the person on the phone she’ll call back.

Then you trip over the small stone that you could not see coz you was focusing on her eyes…

You get up calmly, sort out the dust on your clothes, and walk away

It doesn’t matter, or does it?

She calls you back and says…
“hey playa, are you gwan walk away
just like that”

Your plan has worked
You set up the appointment for the mid afternoon sleepy Thursday, in the AC filled board room and plan a way of livening up the soon-to-be-retired CEOs and their overtly snobbishness!

Half of them call to say they will be late coz of the jam, and the other half are on time as always eyeing the hot new receptionist!

Can’t blame them huh! Men will be men (chuckles)

The meeting begins on time as scheduled and you lower the AC to increase the warmth at the boring parts of the presentation…

Then as a few of the present CEOs start nodding off, the late chaps turn up thus waking up the dosers!!

As the presentation drags on, you ask the hot new receptionist to come in and turn up the AC!

The place cools down and heats up at the same time and you notice this, so you ask the HNR to stay a while longer by bringing in cold drinks with ice cubes in the bucket!

Little do they know that HNR is actually the new Tech Manager responsible for results!

They only find out when she takes over the presentation at its most boring!

And only then do we all pay attenshun!!!

Nada2say right about now!

Just glad to have what to write!

Shout outs to Ms.Kintu, Val, Tumwi, the chaps at nodesix, all the fellaz involved at UrbanLegend, Dark_Choc (yeah, I know you is in on this), Sy (need to read something about Rhys sometime), Tumwi, and Lucee… (this time it ain’t personal is it now??)…

AuntiePop (for you, it is personal!!! Get off of FB for a week and drop a joint already)



11 responses

24 02 2011
Angela Kintu


24 02 2011

I guess out of sight is out of mind now…..Hey!

25 02 2011

Ms.Kintu: Hey Yourself!
Giko: I hear you. Now about opening and shutting down the Joint 2wice…. Check yourself out on my blogroll—> Giko and Gkio[Nu-Joint] both shut down!
Hola sometime

26 02 2011

sometimes you lose me…

28 02 2011
Ug girl

is this a return…or a beep..??

28 02 2011

Sy: Look deep within and therein you shall find the answer

Ug_Gal: A return! Check the consistency!

1 03 2011

not personal at all. but dude be a rapper of some sort

1 03 2011
dark chocolate

well well, too extreme indeed. it was always a pleasure watching you trip TOO many a times…and yes, it always worked…but are you sure it was about the beauty on the phone???? LOL

1 03 2011

Lucee: Not at all Personal! Not even one little bit!
Madam, read the post again…
Infact let me do one just for you!

Dark_Choc: Your keyboard works now!
Erm, come to think of it, she did have some toight legs!!

7 03 2011

Clearly I’m slipping, how am I only getting round to checking WP now? Perfect ValFM Song for this post: Girls, girls, girls- Jay Z.

Shout outs received 🙂

1 06 2011
b2b directory

Think about her deeply then ………………………


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