Just Right

28 04 2011

A year or two ago, Queen Lah acted in a movie named Just Right. Yeah, so what??? You might ask if you are not an afficionado of Queen Lah and her career as an entertainer. So in this movie, Queen is a masseuse or sorts for the stars, basketball stars that is. When I say masseuse, I mean she is a physical therapist of sorts for those chaps whose ankles and other body parts are insured for at least 6 figures in the American currency.

She likes this dude, [played by Common-Sense the r(w)apper) and] he is a star player on his team hustling to make the playoffs then he injures his knee mid-season!

I am hard-pressed not to drop the remainder of the plot as I am a story-teller on the B2B-joint. If you want to catch the movie, hola at Mr. Soft aka EddieSoft… he has that shyte all on lock-down!

Now, not to take anything away from Queen Lah and her performance in a lead role, the title of this post bears some credence to the movie JustRight. A couple of years ago before I hooked up with TheHottness, I used to think that being with a girl (woman to some) was such a big deal. Every dude I looked at was covered in all the basics in terms of a car, a dope job, and always had time for his own Hottness.

Little did I know that when my time came, I was also being looked at the chap who had it all together with a decent gig, a hot chic, and a cool ride as well…

As someone in the deal, and learning that time is a constant yet scarce commodity that attracts the highest yield for those who value it most, I have come to realize that the times that we do cherish and appreciate the most are the ones that we are squeezed out of nothing!

These nothing to something ones are talked about so much so, that whenever you remember them, you take the time to even sail away back to the time when you were actually in the deal. These are the ones that cross your mind more often than not, and teach you to make opportunities out of nothing!

Getting a tad bit emotional huh!

Been a while…

Thanks Sunshine!



12 responses

29 04 2011

I feel you.

29 04 2011

I hear you..

29 04 2011

that time can indeed be just right…

29 04 2011

Just Wright 😉

29 04 2011

True that!


30 04 2011

I want mo….

3 05 2011

Time…so this post was perfect in its timing..from having all the time in the world to spend..to having said Mr. far away..time is such a valuable thing..treasured more now 🙂

13 05 2011
Qalil Little

I loved Just Wright. I think you got a few things wrong though. A Masseuse is not the same as a physical therapist. Physical Therapists go through rigorous training and carry official university degrees around. Masseurs can be anyone really.

Regarding memories and time. some theorists have suggested that time is actually not constant, but swells and contracts depending on the observer. So say for instance if you were a bully in school and you really enjoyed bullying someone, that time may have just been a fraction of a second, whereas the victim sees it to be almost years.

23 05 2011

Mo time huh!!
I hear you!!

Val, Val….
The Easter Weekend wink wink huh!!!
Glad you shared with me!

Welcome by Q…
Glad to welcome to Back2Basiks….
Cheers for the corrections as well…
and we know you appreciate the post too!

1 06 2011


I want more………………….

26 06 2011

Good to have you still representing

20 11 2011

🙂 so true…why haven’t you blogged in so long??

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