tryna get it…

3 04 2012

Looking back at all the posts, words, mini-attempts and full on thoughts that I have laid down here at the Basks-Joint, I always wonder what it is I was (still am) trying to find…

To answer this question, I slowly backed off the B2B-Joint and took some time to assure myself that if at all it comes back, BE SURE I will make a careful approach to making my opinions, humours, thoughts et al known only and only if it came back by itself…

The “it” in this case refers to the “interest”, aka hunger or as Luceeee and AntiPop will claim the word “mojo” and if Maxwell was in here, he’d call it his “muse”

Well, I am not sure what to call it, but a couple of days ago, I picked up the i-pod after my brother The_Dizzle had spent some time with it and I played the tracks in the playlist on random selection….

So on comes the title above, done by an African Hip-Hopper named Proverb…

“….tryna get it, hola at me if you with it…”

So to answer my questions, and give some semblance of an answer, I suggest that I re-learn how to write and express a few crazy and zany ideas that will most likely bring back the though provoking-ness that we at the Basiks-Joint were known to bring out…

Take the issue of decisions, my cousin asked me why some fellaz find it hard to tell a chic that they are through… and would rather give a few hints… I answered her by asking why is it that a chic will find it easier to wear a short dress and wink at you in passing and hope that you get that she really likes you rather than just blurt it out in your face…

Or take the issue of my homegirl who is moving to a sexy new job which will allow her more time to realize that she has so much more potential and opportunity to realize both outputs and outcomes that are in detail much larger than her input!

Weird huh!

She took the time to ask herself WTF it is that she really wants to do after the birth of her 3rd born and only daughter! In her words, “the womb is closed”, so because of that, she needs to evaluate what she really really does want to do… With that she even want as back as when she had just turned 16 and then shared with me her deep interest in owning and managing a fairly large butchery based on her own piggery!

I was like SERIOUSLY!

But looking at the intent in her eyes with which she explained herself, I could see that the word is not going to be ready for her when they realize that she was even more serious than herself…

So, with those few words, Basiks…..

tryna get it




7 responses

3 04 2012

When you do finally get it, kindly share it.

We be waiting.

3 04 2012

It’s around the corner dude, peep and see…he he he.

3 04 2012

We all go through the many machinations of trying to sort ourselves out and decide what’s important or not, so it’s all a part of the journey, which doesn’t always keep us on one route or course. Enjoy the many detours it may take you as there’s always something to be learned about yourself and life.

Glad to see you’re back…Update the link to me in your BlogLog or it’ll take you to the old one.

Be well!

5 04 2012

No doubt will mosdef do!

If it ain’t at the next quarter indeed!
I guess that is where i’ma find it!

Hey there You!!
One route or course…
I like that line indeed!
Thank again for passing by and keeping up the write-ups!
Mad Loves too and yeah, Be Well!

9 04 2012

For some reason, this read like lyrics. I wonder if that was intentional… off to read more posts from the past to first check out this style bulungi

10 04 2012

and so far it seems the mojo is coming back to you..

10 04 2012

Welcome Welcome!!
Nope, no intentions at all..
Purely unscripted and off the top-JUST!!

Well Well…
Even you found some time… LOLsss
Let’s see how far this one rolls on then!

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