11 05 2012

The following is a based on a hilarious discussion that we had with a dope and fun-filled conversation concerning my previous joint…. Tryna-get-it with an equally dope and fun-filled person a few years ago. Funny how I never wrote about this when I was more frequently on the Basiks-Joint hmmm! Well, you see (why do we always begin this way?)…

Looking over the initial approach that anyone, and I do mean anyone who has any interest in anything usually uses, be it soccer, a girl, a woman, a drink, an exam, a business idea, or even just welcoming you into a room, really does make it seem like the world revolves on the beggar mentality… You know the one where they say “a beggar cannot be choosy, huh?”

I for one have numerous arguments about that. You see (here we go again), where I come from in my country, it is imperative (recently added to my vocabulary) that subtlety and tact are and might always be the highest form of respect for anything. An example could be when the cat that used to be a kitten walks up to your feet and starts to play with them by rubbing softly yet firmly on them. Attention grabbing is smooth huh! The cat usually only does this when it is hungry and you have just about finished with the cooking process and today’s delicacy includes your neighbor-hood famous minced meat special…. The cat has the eyes of a cute little baby, and is meowing its way into your heart..

The completely contrasting example could and will be when the lady or gentleman for gender balance purposes in question completely knocks you off your feet and you find your herewith knocked-feet walking over to the lady/gentleman in question…

The immediacy of the actions by your body take over, and only when you reach the shared space with the hottie do you realize that you had not negotiated well with your brain and your mouth to arrive at the first opening lines that will not make you seem like a beggar or act like a wanna-be!

Here goes a mild attempt at technique and approach to smoothly, non-offensively yet impressively find your way into that hotties erm… XXXXX.. For lack of choice, or should I say for presence of too much choice, I shall leave the choice up to you who is very so kind to keep B2B in a genuine quest to achieve the 40,000hits mark by end of August this year….

1: relax… In my rugby playing days, the epitome of calmness was when in the 5-yard area between the try-line and the attacking players, you do not show that you will kick the ball to touch, but rather pass it deep to the full back who not only has a more powerful boot, but also has the calmness and nerve to see the best area to kick the ball to without making a grave error…
Watch what he/she is doing…

2; After you have built the courage and …. (losing the post a bit)

To get into a woman’s pants effortlessly and enjoyably, let it be known that it is in most cases, not your decision, but rather a woman’s decision. She knows whether she will want to take you home later that night, or afternoon (lols). So the ever-rewarding technique is not to smother her or shower her with gifts and presence and get the goods and split, but rather pique her interests so deeply that she will be begging you to at least hit it once. Now getting the difference between the two is what is known in the real world as Game… It is known amongst women as the [No-Move]-MOVE!! Hilarious innit!

The idea has always been to get in them panties whether she accepts it or not, but making her want to pull them panties down in front of you is what we are talking about here. The time to just chat with her about her ishy day and make her laugh about it too are considered World Silver medal considerations….

Noticing that she likes to wear skirts once in a while and trousers more considerably is part of the issue. Listening to her chat about world politics and not be bothered with stock prices is a class act. And yeah, in between, being a genuine and real person is the trick. Women have that uncanny and amazing ability to smell fakeness and lame-game a mile away! Heck! Make that two miles and counting huh!

Because of this, if it is a conquest that you are looking for and an amazing chips-funga with the cold bottle of pepsi to go, you must be a little bit tactful and a whole lotta genuine coz as we might forget, we must cater for a few of the feelings involved as women do “feel” a little more than gents…

But most of all, we must not lose track and imagine the deed before it happens and we must keep our eyes on the prize, especially if she knows that you appreciate the “hunt” as much as she does, coz it makes her feel worthy of the “hunter” knowing that she will be devoured with lots of pleasure…

Those are the words of a true player…

Oops, a former player!



11 responses

16 05 2012

FORMER player.

18 05 2012

Lol..you have been lost!

18 05 2012


True Dat…
What are you lolling for???

10 06 2012

a true player? really?

10 06 2012

Hi B2B

13 06 2012

Back i the day…

Hi You..

18 09 2012

written like a man with experience…

18 09 2012

Just sharing the few years i have been in and out of the game JUST!

18 09 2012

I disagree on some parts though, actually more like one could do less. what is your twitter?

21 10 2013

Wsap player.

25 10 2013

Eddsla: Dude…
I’m doing good.. What about you playa!

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