28 07 2016

Coming back to blogger huh| Information overload | relevance

Un-interested at times at more often than not ~>>really indifferent.

Words, texts, pictures and at best useless pieces of unnecessarily mentioned lyrics of our lives that we seemingly feel the need to share at the simplest awakening.

So begins my extremely rare rant.

One of some form of disdain and repugnance at the volumes of material that is being spewed at any keen reader nowadays. What is the worst thing about it is not that it is not selectively chosen for you, but the fact that it is actually selectively chosen for you. Trends analysis is the money spinner on the internet of things now. We all seem to revolve around knowing possibly the latest piece of information about something without being able to relate it to your current situation. Being relevant in a conversation still holds water in some parts of the world, but alternately so does it not overly make you be known as someone wiser, but only be seen to be wiser.

In my quickness to give an unequivocal barrage on how the information superhighway has elected to dictate what we secretly want by using exquisitely fathomed algorithms that at the speed of light rotate #back_and_forth (shout out to Aaliyah RIP) and bring you items you are most likely to click so as to make it easier for you to seek out what you find and thus increase your trustability of the aforementioned algorithms at play, I have realised that I should go ahead and relax and lessen my deep-seated detestation of having too much information and appreciate its usefulness.

Knowing that Janet Jackson turned 50 this year may not enhance my teenage wishes of her singing to me her raunchy song “if”. But knowing how she wakes up early every morning to hit the gym when on and off tour are a deep sign of respect from me to her knowing that she is always trying to stay both in and ahead of the game by keeping physically fit.

Knowing that a consultant’s appreciation of Google as a search engine and an effortless communicator of all things relevant and irrelevant enhances my belief in the if you want something, you need to go out and get it mantra.

So let me calm my seething mind down and not only appreciate that the information overload is indeed that, but is also a chance to increase my patience and learn to filter through things that interest me with a lot more ease than heading to the public library. If not delegate it to the team.

Every breathe you take…

8 03 2011

Every breathe you take/ Every move you make
Every bond you break/ Every step you take

I’ll be watching you

Every single day/ Every word you say
Every game you play/ Every night you stay

I’ll be watching you

Baby can’t you see/ You belong to me
My poor heart aches/ With every step you take

Every move you make/ Every vow you break
Every smile you fake/ Every claim you stake

I’ll be watching you

Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying baby, baby, please

O can’t you see/ You belong to me
My poor heart aches / With every step you take

Every move you make/ Every vow you break
Every smile you fake/ Every claim you stake

I’ll be watching you

Every move you make/ Every step you take

I’ll be watching you…

[written by Gordon Sumner aka STING]



6 02 2011

Truth be told, no one ever wants to know how the plumber does his job right?

Or how the accountant makes sure that the auditor and the local tax aithorities are smiling coz he/she has set up the paperwork so smoothly and organized it in such a way to clarify it twice would be an abomination

What i am getting at is another in the truly basiknes plan….

The end of the jigsaw puzzle usually is lauded and given all due props right?

But in between finding the missing link, and the identical pieces of the pie altogether while missing on all those dope hang-out sessions, and chill-out ones too…

Funny though is no matter how hard or diligently you push along, there always is someone who makes this shyte looks so easy and can do it in her sleep…

But then between you and me, we all know that whatever story you mention, the distance taken to become the finished product has no shortcuts whatsoever….


7 11 2010

I remember a time when we (read EYE) used to wonder how people used to get along with selfish people. Seriously. I do believe that deep down we all have an inherently selfish streak goings on with ourselves, but of course nowhere near the slightly narcissistical-ness of erm… Dr. Gregory House of HouseMD fame…

The reason why i have so aptly titled this joint “camouflage” is coz the other morning i actually saw a Chamillionaire oops, sorry a Chameleone change its colours from an amazingly beautiful green colour to an almost invisible very light borwn in the flesh!

I was privy to the act as i looked left and right and noticed that i was the only stunned individual in the surrounding vicinity that seemed to be awestruck . the little girl playing the roadside dust was busy building a castle with some stones and i was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a chameleone trying to avoid me seeing it..

I did notice that unless you really do focus, the camouflage is designed to work well.

So, building on these selfish streaks is a lesson that needs to be learnt the hard way huh Antipop. Seriously speaking, we deal with drama every hour of the day and that is when you do not even go looking for it! Amazing.

So, camouflage is designed to help you be smoothened out to make sure that when the drama does come looking for Basiks, it has to focus really hard just incase it gets a wrong form of Basiks who is realy to deal with camouflage first coz we have and are still learning to grapple with drama by the short and curlies too!

Basik Analogy..

26 07 2010

These days, the amount of dudes and hunnies leaving the blogosphere is alarming….

One might wonder why this is so.

So in a very new and fresh twist from the guys at B2B’s who brought you the post which highlighted the size debate; the real meaning of having game; and obviously if you have a Hottness in your life, tell her how she makes you feel…

So without any further adieu, allow me to steal Sleek’s Shine for a bit (no not you Baz), and give you a few reasons why some of us are shying away from the keyboard…

1>     Some of us fear that when (or if we blog), we might end up deleting our precious blog and have to set up a new one from scratch

2>     Some of us are actually moving jobs around the world and when we finally do get time to type out a decent blog post, we are so happy just thinking about it that we feel that is a blog post enough

3>     Some of us have moved on to Facebook after claiming that it had its issues

4>     Some of us are busy wondering whether the people who read our blogs are interested in reading about our shyte, or just wondering if we are still interested

5>     Some of us are getting swanky jobs

6>     Some of us are wishing that the Boobs Post would have a Part-II

7>     Some of us are growing the NodeSix Brand

8>     Some of us flushed Blogger because of a pair of lovely babies

9>     Some of us fell for the Gym Instructor

10> Some of us are just not interested in being on the internet anymore….

Because of this, the only thing left to do is….

Ask Tumwi how she does it so effortlessly? Tell me Tumwi, are you compensated that well by blogger?

Wait, I think maybe coz of the WC, peeps are just chilling out on their mobile devices (Dante, what’s up playa?) and getting lazier by the weekend…

I am making the stride back to Blogger…



It comes with the territory…

12 03 2010

So in between my first year and my sophomore year at the prestigious Faculty of Economics and Management at our local University, I was hanging with a bunch of ol’ skool cronies who unlike me were more interested in the human anatomy and took the pain staking liberties to register at the Medical School! You see we used to play some crazy a** rugby together and with me being the fly-half, a lot orf the time I was called upon to be the play-maker of the team standing in the middle of the pitch.

I had gotten used to being stung with iodine, and needing ruthless massages on my arms and shoulders from that cute nurse on the training ground. When Doctors in the making suggested that we head across the country to hang out with another bunch of hommies in the country’s other medical school in a town that I know only too well, who was I to dilly-dally…

I told everyone at home that I was splitting home base for the weekend and I organised some quick moolah from both Uncle Jay, and Auntie Phi! The bus ride was pretty uneventful, as I was plying this route for the nth time and not really into the usual sight seeing… That was until I fell asleep and was woken up a calm 5 minutes later (in my dream that is) that we had reached the mid-west and we were alighting in the next 5 minutes. I checked my watch and realised I had been asleep for at the past2 hours straight!

So, we got off the bus and made our way to the Students Hostel right on Campus. Trust the boys to have no idea where or where we were going to sleep. I informed the gents that I needed a shower, and a change of gear and that I would meet up with them in the watering hole of their choice as I was in on the action.

So a quarter of an hour later, I was seated at the corner of the bar chilling with one of the soon-to-be-doctors. He was narrating to me why a Doctor will never ever get drunk. He will get blazed, tipsy, pissed, blazingoes, and full blown wasted, but he will never get drunk.

“Y’see Basiks, in medicine, there’s something called XVCtfevdwvcgvcyxcv… (read the word limitations”

“and once you are tested, you will always know your limits” continued the now Clinical Diagnostician who plies his trade at St. John’s Hopkins Medical School as a Junior Lecturer down in Maryland!

“as medics, we are always expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and this makes you want to want to go the extra mile”

“but BasiksDawg, let me say it once”

“we are not God!”

“we have our limits, and as there are a billion or so research campaigns that find out what is happening in the medical world, the man upstairs doesn’t need research”

My home boi Doc. Wroi ordered for two triple Bond7s and we shot ‘em down and asked me to carefully observe how the Doctors in the making were carefully gauging their drink range!

He further told me that if you are a doctor-in-the-making, you will be tested, and I should learn to always be wary of issues and deal with them because they indeed come with the territory!


Hey Princess, I am attempting a slow but sure come-back to the murky and often under-rated world of the Ug-BlogoSphere..

SleekDawg, hola at your boi for the next Major BHH, but let’s c.c in the beautiful Ms. Yv Walk-On-By for directions to her digs and the pre-arranged budget so that even the fully effervescent Tumwi-licious herself can turn up and share the real tricks to being the baddest blogger ever

And yes, we can get the former Col. Ernest Bazanye (indeed) to show up to and give us a brief of his next compilation of Bad ideas..

The rest, fall in line…


18 10 2009

Some people will argue that being an introvert, is synonymous with wanting to be alone most of the time. This is not necessary true, in Blabelle’s experience. I have met introverted people, just that-introverted. They can interact at work, parties, they even hang out but it won’t be long before you get to know that they are introverts, there’s a side to them that you just won’t break into. But good thing is as soon as you get to know this, you get to flow with them regardless….

But an ‘introverted loner’ is…. hmmmm! very different. This is a dangerous combination if you ask me. I mean picture this: a person is an introvert, and a loner…wow! How do you possibly break through to them. Those two walls {introvert and loner} are quite high, probably with electric barbed wire at the top! Simply put: access denied before you even try anything. Now, extreme extroverts get so bothered by the ‘Introverted Loner’, because why? They {extreme extroverts} just can’t figure out how someone can afford to be and an introvert and on top of that, a loner. I hope you get my drift, huh?

So when the coin is tossed in the air and we expect a head to turn up and end up getting a tail, we are consistently surprised that we end up acting contrary to how we say we are going to act…

As being the total opposite of being an introvert, yet totally click the loner part, I must say that I am growing comfortable in my skin as being an Extroverted Loner…

Truth be told that when I am in the company of many, I do tend to both act and react in a very candid way and blend into the company with much ease…

Deep down however I would rather just be by me’self… Chilling out watching and observing whatevz is goingz on… Many times this ease of blending is mis-interpreted totally by the wannabe playa types and end up messing up my rep by thinking and saying that the BasiksDawg is a smoothe type dude who can and eventually gets chics easily….

It used to bother me loads, till I recently realised that the power of self is what is controlled in a gradual sort of way…. The power of self is what we all too cleverly attempt to ignore and just plow along like the world is making its own footsteps for you…

This power of self is what made me realise that one can both be an extrovert and a loner at the same time….