thirteen 3 somethings!

28 10 2015

I have not dropped a blog post in over a year! And worse still, this one is based on something i stole via Blu Jewel‘s joint! She had this list up and I liked it enough to allow it to re-engage me into somewhat starting to blog again!

3 things that scare me…
People with nothing to lose
Excessive Police brutality
Losing my eyesight

3 people who make me laugh…
Bernie Mac (R.I.P)
My family

3 things I love…
my family, TheKemz + Muhumuza
an occasional stick of roasted swine

3 things I hate…
the fact that corruption is deeply entrenched in my country
crimes against children
hateful people

3 things I don’t understand…
certain types of politics
people who are keen on pulling others down
deep-rooted negativity

3 things on my desk…
two mobile phones
glass of water

3 things I’m doing right now…
this post
replying an email
Plotting response to comments in a report from a client

3 things I want to do before I die…
spend a good amount of money on my family to ease the drama when times were tough
have a daughter with her
travel more

3 things I can do well…

3 things I can’t do…
speak French
allow myself to be treated poorly
allow any harm to come to my own

3 things I should listen to…
my gut

3 things I shouldn’t listen to…
certain heavy-metal rock groups
bull-shyte in any form
those that seem to want to mis-guide you all the time

3 things I watched as a kid…
Transformers the cartoon

You can go ahead and do your own, but in the meantime, i will most definitely tag a few old school blogren…
WalkOnBy, Sybella, Tumwijuke, Waru etc…


30 11 2011

I got nothing….









Mild Attempts




Here we go…
Blame TheScript
Been ages…
How is Tumwijuke?


10 02 2011

The 2006 World Cup was played in the heart of Europe in deutscheland and was won by the Italian National Football team. It was not a given as the usual suspects involved are what a Muganda would “abananyini” loosely translated as “TheUsualSuspects” in the run up to its across the Rhinelands…

After all was said and done however, the usual suspects triumphed with the final four being Italy, France, Germany and Portugal stood tall.. Twenty-Oh-Six is the first time in the history of FIFA’s WC that a person has been awarded the prestigious FIFA Player of the Year for not scoring any goals but rather protecting his goal keeper from any of the wandering superbly skilled strikers and mid-fielders… Incase you are wondering whether the name Fabio rings a bell, be sure to let it stick in your minds that most footballers who are world reknown akina Diego Maradona , David Beckham, Gabriel Batistuta, Zizou, Stevie G, David Ginola, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, and a host of other Brazilian born super-skill-ful players are actually all out attack-minded intent-filled gems…

They light up the entire stadium (and flat screen at your local sports bar) with oohs, and aaghs, when they keep going and going and leaving defenders in their wake and goal keepers looking like a pack of fallen cards, LOLs!!!

Truth be told that the way the world works is related but somewhat slightly different but the more you take a closer look at it, the more you realise that the world ani’t never chilling withthe defenders of the earth! Of course by defenders of the earth, a bwana has no serious meaning other than all those people who are serious about engaging in their own duties mainly because they like their roles and how they execute them…

Meanwhile up ahead you have the other chaps who know how to make things look really good and all the while making others stress themselves trying to make an impression that in good parts will just be brushed aside because the world usually blindsides the smaller picture for the bigger more-fun-to-be-associated with picture…

So, ask yourself one question:

Who do you know in the European and World Cup winning Spanish teams of both 2008 and 2010 respectively that is a world class defender…

Other than the amazingly talented Andreas Iniesta, Xavi, Fernando Torres, David Villa or the afro-stylized Carles Puyol???


9 03 2010

1. LUST: Besides your current Significant Other who have you lusted for?

Meagan Good
An old high school teacher of mine

Some fine chic I saw at the mall who was turning all our heads with her killah sundress
Dr. Calliope Torres

Catherine Zeta Jones

2. GLUTTONY: What food brings out your inner glutton?
No Food.
Roasted swine
Fresh Apples
Good home cooking

3. GREED: What are you greedy for?
A bigger pay cheque, more respect, love, appreciation, good music, good conversation, knowledge
4. SLOTH: What is your plan for an ideal day of sloth?
Live rich off someone else.
Wake up, shower, eat, sex and reproduce without putting any effort in or planning for the future.

5. WRATH: Describe a time that you let out a can of whoop ass on someone.
I’d rather not. Normally I’m pretty calm and controlled (read patient) but when my patience runs aout, I am a nuisance!

6. ENVY: Who or what do you envy? Why?
Patient people who are always calm
Talented people who do things effortlessly
People who do what they say they will do
Simply because I’m not yet there, but inching closer everyday

7. PRIDE: Have you ever had to swallow your pride? What are you proud of?
I swallow my pride all the time.
I’m proud of being able to both listen to people and especially be listened to when I choose to say something!

Plus I am proud that my relationships have a strong foundation


I obviously have not been blogging of recent and this is a sign that i am inching back toThe_Real_Basiks!

So Giko, Sy, Tumwi, Carsozy, Sleek, Val-FM and Spartan

Please go ahead and drop the same reply…

|Looking | The | Part |

6 11 2009

Truth be told, we are always surprised at how cool certain people look when they are in their element. You don’t believe me do you StreetSyder? Seriously, coz I have not even dropped the punchline…

I met a couple of my old skool chums a few months ago at a corporate presentation on Housing Finance in the Ugandan economy.. . The main presenter was a supposedly highly experienced corporate finance expert with a PhD thesis in the Mortgage sector of Eastern Europe including Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic et al…

He had done the bulk of his research from both his home country of Hungary and spent at least two months hanging around the larger financial type institutions within the above mentioned countries…

When he was introduced as Dr. Stetho Financial Listiks, I was not moved as distinctly recall being asked by my former boss (yeah Tumwi, the one with really nice legs), to read about something real hard before making any form of presentation about it. She cautioned me to test the presentation first in the mirror to build my confidence first but above all, make the presentation a little bit (just a little bit AntiPop) skewed to seem like it revolves around the recipient of the presentation.

So when Dr. Financial Listiks was intro’d with his amazing PhD in Financial Economics, I was waiting with bated breath to be PhD’d into Mortgage Heaven. What proceeded was the most interesting presentation on housing finance in my short history.

He proceeded to simplify all the basiks of interest rate setting for condominiums (tandra, that’s condo to you), the impact of reduced savings on lending rates, increased economic activity and its relevance in smaller economies, increased presence of financial institutions and how this flattens the financial landscape, the difference between renting, leasing and purchasing and finally the impact of increased government spending on the housing sector.

All in all the technical part of the presentation was pretty amazing, considering that sometimes I am hard to please… (ask Mrs.Basiks) Anyways, after the display of his financial acumen, Dr. Listiks said thank you and good night. I for one (mind you I was writing out some of his technicalities and waiting for the Q&A session), was taken aback.

You see Dr. Listiks had shown us his above average corporate finance knowledge (with a name like Financial Listiks, who could say much, Ivan do you copy?), but he absolutely did not relate any of it to the Ugandan Sector.

What the email invite said was; Lessons in Eastern European Mortgage Finance and how it can affect the Ugandan Model. I wasleft wondering why almost 92% if the time, people who look the part never fulfill the look and assume that coz their intro is snazzy, they can’t prove that the snazziness is the real-deal (just like Holyfield, Ask Mike Ty)


Fast forward a whole 12 months later, and Dr. Listiks is back with a doper presentation highlighting the exact same presentation but with the words HOW IT CAN AFFECT THE UGANDAN MODEL…

I have learnt that whatever is said to peeps that relates to them will always make them want to listen to you…


23 09 2009

I see you chatting in the corner with your friends and your natural smile captures me automatically…. I try not to look twice, but the hearty laugh I keep hearing makes me steal glances over to your table….

 At first I am blinded by the cleavage of the cute friend of yours seated to your right, but then you laugh a little deeper and you try to take a deep breathe to catch yourself so you don’t die of laughter…

I look away from the cleavage just in time as you catch me looking at the lovely pair of coconuts… I maintain the look in your eyes, and your friends notice the look and also look at me!

I do not flinch and actually step up from my table of chips and a pitza, and walk calmly to you all the while maintaining the steady eye contact…. I then whisper into your ear that you have a beautiful smile….

You then blush mildly and I ask for your name and number….

Your friends are all silent and wait as you input the digits in my phone but reply that you will tell me your name when I call and I see that the gun shot for the game has began

I walk away and do not look back, and sit and finish my chips, cheese burger and the hot coffee…

You and your friends keep chatting away as I finish reading my John Grisham in peace and steal one last look at your friend’s cleavage and your smile in between glances…

You and your friends walk out in haste as it is getting late and you all need to cramp into one ride….

The next week blazes by and I call your phone on a Monday evening and I am surprised to find it is off…

I head to the library to catch up on some reading for exams and I am pleasantly surprised when I get your call saying who you are and that you found a missed call message…

I smile over the phone and tell you I can’t get your smile out of my mind!

I hear you grin on the phone and then you keep quiet. I take my cue and ask if I could see hat smile again sometime soon… You ask when and I say the day after tomorrow…

The day after tomorrow can not come quick enough and I am forced to engage my patience game!

I do not call or text as not to tempt fate!

The day finally comes and I dress up in my usual gear and ask the Lord to fast forward the work day!

I text you at 5.00pm letting you know where and when and we finally meet!

We hit it off like two old chums and go back and forth about how our lives are so interesting! Then we realize that it is time to head home and look deep into each other’s eyes knowing definitely that we are going to see more of each other….


Lulu, this is sorta like your writing… I am not copywriting anything..

Just dreamy sort of! I could be wrong!

Informally formal

7 01 2009

I like to think of my joint as one which offers some of my thoughts on the everyday drama in my life…. I rarely use it as a Journal and many times avoid writing out details of  the goings-on on my life…. There are times however when I just want to write out so much crap that I am going through and if you can read between the lines like PetesMomz, then I guess you have sensed the times when I am hustling with some crap….

As per now, I am getting by, and was doing a weird form of actually reading a few of my old and older posts (as followed by new reader of mine called Di-Who-Doesn’t-Got-A-BlogJoint) and yes, I have come up with a few semi-charmed-type-concusions….

Just like the band 3rdEyeBlind would have loved to say….

Y’all love sex, and the way it reads when ever someone tries to even attempt to write about it… as I sed, y’all love it, not too sure about having it, but y’all love to read about it

Y’all also love to ask deep queries that tend to give off a few issues about the other person and that also….

Y’all love to read the comments on certain deep issues

And yes, y’all love it when someone does a simple piece about y’all

Correction make that simple pieces about y’all


The beginning of the year is always one to allow us to look back at the past year and make sure that we check….. er… check…. what it is we are trying to move towards….

In March-Twenty-Oh-Eight, I found a list of things i had written down depicting what I want to acccccccccomplish  and they included…..

[] / [] / [wake.up.a.little.earlier]/  [drink.more.water.and.less.alcohol] / [] / [spend.time.with.MrsB2B] / and a few other personal ones which I shall not throw-down here….

I am on the steady road to conjuring up more and more reasons to want to wake up with that dope step in the a.m….


Er, JackFruity is in town and has suggested an impromptu BHH next week on thursday 15th jan twenty-oh-nine… you down????