tryna get it…

3 04 2012

Looking back at all the posts, words, mini-attempts and full on thoughts that I have laid down here at the Basks-Joint, I always wonder what it is I was (still am) trying to find…

To answer this question, I slowly backed off the B2B-Joint and took some time to assure myself that if at all it comes back, BE SURE I will make a careful approach to making my opinions, humours, thoughts et al known only and only if it came back by itself…

The “it” in this case refers to the “interest”, aka hunger or as Luceeee and AntiPop will claim the word “mojo” and if Maxwell was in here, he’d call it his “muse”

Well, I am not sure what to call it, but a couple of days ago, I picked up the i-pod after my brother The_Dizzle had spent some time with it and I played the tracks in the playlist on random selection….

So on comes the title above, done by an African Hip-Hopper named Proverb…

“….tryna get it, hola at me if you with it…”

So to answer my questions, and give some semblance of an answer, I suggest that I re-learn how to write and express a few crazy and zany ideas that will most likely bring back the though provoking-ness that we at the Basiks-Joint were known to bring out…

Take the issue of decisions, my cousin asked me why some fellaz find it hard to tell a chic that they are through… and would rather give a few hints… I answered her by asking why is it that a chic will find it easier to wear a short dress and wink at you in passing and hope that you get that she really likes you rather than just blurt it out in your face…

Or take the issue of my homegirl who is moving to a sexy new job which will allow her more time to realize that she has so much more potential and opportunity to realize both outputs and outcomes that are in detail much larger than her input!

Weird huh!

She took the time to ask herself WTF it is that she really wants to do after the birth of her 3rd born and only daughter! In her words, “the womb is closed”, so because of that, she needs to evaluate what she really really does want to do… With that she even want as back as when she had just turned 16 and then shared with me her deep interest in owning and managing a fairly large butchery based on her own piggery!

I was like SERIOUSLY!

But looking at the intent in her eyes with which she explained herself, I could see that the word is not going to be ready for her when they realize that she was even more serious than herself…

So, with those few words, Basiks…..

tryna get it



30 11 2011

I got nothing….









Mild Attempts




Here we go…
Blame TheScript
Been ages…
How is Tumwijuke?

Just Right

28 04 2011

A year or two ago, Queen Lah acted in a movie named Just Right. Yeah, so what??? You might ask if you are not an afficionado of Queen Lah and her career as an entertainer. So in this movie, Queen is a masseuse or sorts for the stars, basketball stars that is. When I say masseuse, I mean she is a physical therapist of sorts for those chaps whose ankles and other body parts are insured for at least 6 figures in the American currency.

She likes this dude, [played by Common-Sense the r(w)apper) and] he is a star player on his team hustling to make the playoffs then he injures his knee mid-season!

I am hard-pressed not to drop the remainder of the plot as I am a story-teller on the B2B-joint. If you want to catch the movie, hola at Mr. Soft aka EddieSoft… he has that shyte all on lock-down!

Now, not to take anything away from Queen Lah and her performance in a lead role, the title of this post bears some credence to the movie JustRight. A couple of years ago before I hooked up with TheHottness, I used to think that being with a girl (woman to some) was such a big deal. Every dude I looked at was covered in all the basics in terms of a car, a dope job, and always had time for his own Hottness.

Little did I know that when my time came, I was also being looked at the chap who had it all together with a decent gig, a hot chic, and a cool ride as well…

As someone in the deal, and learning that time is a constant yet scarce commodity that attracts the highest yield for those who value it most, I have come to realize that the times that we do cherish and appreciate the most are the ones that we are squeezed out of nothing!

These nothing to something ones are talked about so much so, that whenever you remember them, you take the time to even sail away back to the time when you were actually in the deal. These are the ones that cross your mind more often than not, and teach you to make opportunities out of nothing!

Getting a tad bit emotional huh!

Been a while…

Thanks Sunshine!

Every breathe you take…

8 03 2011

Every breathe you take/ Every move you make
Every bond you break/ Every step you take

I’ll be watching you

Every single day/ Every word you say
Every game you play/ Every night you stay

I’ll be watching you

Baby can’t you see/ You belong to me
My poor heart aches/ With every step you take

Every move you make/ Every vow you break
Every smile you fake/ Every claim you stake

I’ll be watching you

Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying baby, baby, please

O can’t you see/ You belong to me
My poor heart aches / With every step you take

Every move you make/ Every vow you break
Every smile you fake/ Every claim you stake

I’ll be watching you

Every move you make/ Every step you take

I’ll be watching you…

[written by Gordon Sumner aka STING]



24 02 2011

Michael_Jack heard it as black or white.

There is no half way| in between| almost made it|

I beg to digress…

You see all this comes about only and only when it really does matter!
And when does it really do matter…???

When ever you deal with someone’s emotions, it matters

Examples aside…

You check out hot shawtie on the phone at the corner looking all snazzy and not bothered by the wind whistling under her skirt… (I can imagine the view, hmmmn!)

You walk up to her to say hi. She sees your intent in your eyes, and tells the person on the phone she’ll call back.

Then you trip over the small stone that you could not see coz you was focusing on her eyes…

You get up calmly, sort out the dust on your clothes, and walk away

It doesn’t matter, or does it?

She calls you back and says…
“hey playa, are you gwan walk away
just like that”

Your plan has worked
You set up the appointment for the mid afternoon sleepy Thursday, in the AC filled board room and plan a way of livening up the soon-to-be-retired CEOs and their overtly snobbishness!

Half of them call to say they will be late coz of the jam, and the other half are on time as always eyeing the hot new receptionist!

Can’t blame them huh! Men will be men (chuckles)

The meeting begins on time as scheduled and you lower the AC to increase the warmth at the boring parts of the presentation…

Then as a few of the present CEOs start nodding off, the late chaps turn up thus waking up the dosers!!

As the presentation drags on, you ask the hot new receptionist to come in and turn up the AC!

The place cools down and heats up at the same time and you notice this, so you ask the HNR to stay a while longer by bringing in cold drinks with ice cubes in the bucket!

Little do they know that HNR is actually the new Tech Manager responsible for results!

They only find out when she takes over the presentation at its most boring!

And only then do we all pay attenshun!!!

Nada2say right about now!

Just glad to have what to write!

Shout outs to Ms.Kintu, Val, Tumwi, the chaps at nodesix, all the fellaz involved at UrbanLegend, Dark_Choc (yeah, I know you is in on this), Sy (need to read something about Rhys sometime), Tumwi, and Lucee… (this time it ain’t personal is it now??)…

AuntiePop (for you, it is personal!!! Get off of FB for a week and drop a joint already)


10 02 2011

The 2006 World Cup was played in the heart of Europe in deutscheland and was won by the Italian National Football team. It was not a given as the usual suspects involved are what a Muganda would “abananyini” loosely translated as “TheUsualSuspects” in the run up to its across the Rhinelands…

After all was said and done however, the usual suspects triumphed with the final four being Italy, France, Germany and Portugal stood tall.. Twenty-Oh-Six is the first time in the history of FIFA’s WC that a person has been awarded the prestigious FIFA Player of the Year for not scoring any goals but rather protecting his goal keeper from any of the wandering superbly skilled strikers and mid-fielders… Incase you are wondering whether the name Fabio rings a bell, be sure to let it stick in your minds that most footballers who are world reknown akina Diego Maradona , David Beckham, Gabriel Batistuta, Zizou, Stevie G, David Ginola, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, and a host of other Brazilian born super-skill-ful players are actually all out attack-minded intent-filled gems…

They light up the entire stadium (and flat screen at your local sports bar) with oohs, and aaghs, when they keep going and going and leaving defenders in their wake and goal keepers looking like a pack of fallen cards, LOLs!!!

Truth be told that the way the world works is related but somewhat slightly different but the more you take a closer look at it, the more you realise that the world ani’t never chilling withthe defenders of the earth! Of course by defenders of the earth, a bwana has no serious meaning other than all those people who are serious about engaging in their own duties mainly because they like their roles and how they execute them…

Meanwhile up ahead you have the other chaps who know how to make things look really good and all the while making others stress themselves trying to make an impression that in good parts will just be brushed aside because the world usually blindsides the smaller picture for the bigger more-fun-to-be-associated with picture…

So, ask yourself one question:

Who do you know in the European and World Cup winning Spanish teams of both 2008 and 2010 respectively that is a world class defender…

Other than the amazingly talented Andreas Iniesta, Xavi, Fernando Torres, David Villa or the afro-stylized Carles Puyol???


6 02 2011

Truth be told, no one ever wants to know how the plumber does his job right?

Or how the accountant makes sure that the auditor and the local tax aithorities are smiling coz he/she has set up the paperwork so smoothly and organized it in such a way to clarify it twice would be an abomination

What i am getting at is another in the truly basiknes plan….

The end of the jigsaw puzzle usually is lauded and given all due props right?

But in between finding the missing link, and the identical pieces of the pie altogether while missing on all those dope hang-out sessions, and chill-out ones too…

Funny though is no matter how hard or diligently you push along, there always is someone who makes this shyte looks so easy and can do it in her sleep…

But then between you and me, we all know that whatever story you mention, the distance taken to become the finished product has no shortcuts whatsoever….