18 08 2016

Piqued interest/ self-preservation/ always correct/

I must admit something.

I am amazed at people with extremely strong characters. You know those people/ that person who always seems to be so sure of themselves. Always getting IT right. If you take the time to pick 2 or 3 people in your life and when you examine their history in a little more detail than you would a copy of the Econometrics text book by Damodar Gujarati, you might just notice a certain source of this self-sensibiity. Not really sure if it is similar across all boards, but in a few cases, it comes from when the person in question is constantly encouraged by their guardian or parents. These guardians managed to fulfill their roles in making sure that they levels of belief in the child shown during the formative years of growth and development are constantly reiterated until the person in question makes his own level of progress.

What about those who always seem to be constantly grinding and hustling for meagre results in comparison to the time, energies and effort put into the hustle!

Or what about that businessman you heard about who kept hitting a dead end?

Or what about that Doctor who tells you that he always self-treats him/herself when he/she falls sick?

Or that athlete/ sports person who’s body has been ravaged by the pangs of career threatening injury and is wondering  how to get through the next phases of disappointment!

That is the phrase I should have started with.

Dealing with disappointment is a lesson in resilience itself. Different phases and adjusting mindsets repeatedly can be a menacing test of patience and at worst may make you want to just throw in the towel. How does one know that the better time to give up is not right now when things are actually not going your way, but the other extreme…

When you are at the top.

Interesting thoughts I must say…
The reasons that motivate us are similar to what keep us motivated, but not exactly the same.

That is my own assessment at thus game called life and for that matter, a certain sense of self-sensibility always makes you question yourself and deep down allow you to keep going…

Only drama is that the tough situations are really tough and more often than not make you want to quit…..



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19 08 2016

Somewhat fit into that blog week theme. This sense-sensibility then, once you’ve missed it, no getting it?

23 08 2016
Patricia Kahill

Charity begins at home is just a saying for nothing, everything good or bad start at home.

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