learning, crap?

7 07 2008

I been hustling for a little while about the little lessons we learn from the few peeps we keep close to us espeshlee the ones who we dare say influence us, and we would stand up for no matter what….

I learnt from my little brothers that time’s a waste of life, so you best enjoi the time that you do have on this earth… to the maximum…

I learnt from my grand-dad that you can’t cheat life…. and do the shortcuts thingie… you gots to take everyday as it comes, even if it is hard as nails…

I learnt from my sister that the female species more often than not want more attention than the male specie can give…. and that the female specie will always expect a lot more than what the male specie can give…

I learnt from my Momz that good food will always bring a man home, and good company (among other things) will keep him there….

I learnt from my Dad, that no matter how serious you are, it’s the decisions that you make that will influence people’s perspectives of you… he also told me honesty will most times get you out of a tight situation, but sometimes you have to make the tuff call….

I learnt from my cousins and other members of my family, that family is a very very important part of one’s life and should always be listened to…. not reacted to, but listened to so that they know you are part of their hustle, and triumphs…. and they are part of yours…

I learnt from my first Boss that time is money, and time well spent on anything that is fulfilling (e.g. chatting, laughing, reading, discussing) will never be wasted…

I also learnt from my first Boss, that many people will waste your time, but the one’s that do not will value your input and criticisms, however long you take…

I also learnt from my first Boss, that nice legs are simply that….. and that though they can influence a decision, one does have to have the salt in the shaker…

I learnt from my first crush that you never get the things that keep you up all night…

I learnt from my first that it can and will eventually get better… if you want it to…

i learnt from my second crush that it can fade, and if the crush doesn’t stay, then you shouldn’t insist…

i also learnt from my second crush that the female species should never be under-estimated…

i learnt from her boyfriend that respect is almost always mutual… and supercedes fear…

I also learnt from my second crush that almost all women love good kissers… (Hmmmn)

I learnt from my classmates at University, that even if you are bright as the sun, it doesn’t always translate into excellent grades, but just how effectively you do your thing…

I learnt from my rugby coach that the team more often than not outshines individuality, especially in times of losses…

I learnt from blogging that expression always is truthful…. No matter what, you can just tell it is…

I have also learnt that from blogging, the more you let people in, the more they do the same thing… ( though sometimes you don’t have to wait to blog)

I learnt from PetesMomz how to read between the lines…

I learnt from God how to ask for forgiveness….

I learnt from Baz how to appreciate amazingly funny shyte… and share it ….

I learnt from them how nice saying thank you can feel….

I learnt from her how rewarding trusting can be…

I learnt that God is always around us, even when we don’t want him to be…

I learnt from her that mistakes that deter you from living always make you stronger…

And also I learnt from all of you that he more you express yourself, the more you find out about yourself…. (guessing you have already read 21Qs!!, and 21As!!, right??)

Am I right Heaven? Val? Tandra? Dante? Innocent’s Edge? Princess? Tumwijuke?



20 responses

7 07 2008

i’ve actuali never gotten socks here. oh look! they fit perfectly.

7 07 2008

what have i learnt from this post? well, that er, well i was not asked whethet b2b was right

7 07 2008

lol… antipop

well learning never ends… so how exactly did your second crush teach you that?

7 07 2008

I like this post…Its making me kinda reflective…hmmm…

Oh and for the shout-out as usual it makes my day 🙂 so sending one right back…

>>that nice legs are simply that….. and that though they can influence a decision, one does have to have the salt in the shaker…<<

lol..this bit made me smile..

7 07 2008

Yes, you’re right: “learning IS crap!”
LOL.But seriously, you make a lot of sense.Some lessons I am still to learn, of course.But a quick prelude never hurts. 🙂

7 07 2008

It is a wise man who learns from whatever situation they find themselves in or whoever they interact with.

Are you wise Mr. B2B?

7 07 2008

I learnt from my dad that the will to live is far greater than medical help. Now to teach him that.

7 07 2008

That was funny

just coz you ain’t asked don’t mean that you’re opinion ain’t valued….

my 2nd crush said that she liked the way i used to kiss.. and i should always notice and know-tice a few things about kissing!

cheers girl

your time will come, and the learning will go on and on!

Yeah you could say

You live you learn!

7 07 2008

I learnt from Philip that women should never be desparate. Men hate it.

7 07 2008

life is the greatest teacher.

7 07 2008

Life has taught me that good things are worked for. Forget inheritance. And good legs will get u a second glance.
Life has also taught me that pple will treat u the way u want to be treated.

8 07 2008

@Chanelno5: 😀

😕 I got lots to learn!

8 07 2008

u seem to have a lot of influential people in ur life… and they taught u great lessons too….

8 07 2008

do tell..
drop a post about this Phillip guy..

true that!

Thanks for sharing
How you doing?

Tell me too…
same thing

Not really…
but somehow everyone has some sense in them that whence you see, it is worth being shared…

8 07 2008

And i learnt from him that it is not true what they say about happiness. It is not shortlived!

8 07 2008

I’ve learnt that love is a choice, life is short and your best years are now.

8 07 2008
leos child

i have learnt that mr.b2b had many crashes and also from some one that discipline is doing the right thing when no one is looking and education is everything you remember minus chemistry, biology and stuff.yeah like how to open the gate without anyone knowing you have gone out!

8 07 2008
Miss Cheri

I’ve just learnt from P’mama that love is a choice…but I still have some qn marks P’mama…

8 07 2008

@Mr B2B could be beta.

16 07 2008

I guess everyday is a learning experience.I wish all of us would remember the lessons we’ve picked up along the way like you do.Nice stuff

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