Nada2Say…. totally

16 08 2008

In relation to last month’s Ug-BHH (Blogger’s Happy Hour)

Any suggestions, on where we should go this time around?

Effendy’s again??

Mateo’s allover again??

Club Silk?


That coffee shop everyone likes, no the one with metallic seats outside, and nice couches inside… which fills up in like 15….

Katch the Sun?

The taxi park..

The banking hall in Standard Chartered Bank

Tumwi’s House?

The beach on Sunday?

Baz’s office?

Dante’s new spacious ride? Wait, does he have a new one, I saw him pushing a Starlet, i.e. Toyota Starlet…

Anyways, before Dee drops any, I just thought we could brainstorm..

And if you get there before me Innocent, grab me two shots of JD’s and coke with crushed ice….

See you there…



16 responses

17 08 2008

I vote Baz’s office and Tumwi’s house.
Who’s with me? 🙂

17 08 2008

Them be firsties peoples! 😀

17 08 2008
Benge Solomon

Node Six offices!

We have a nice spacious compound that could sit a few people. Only problem would be getting the drinks for y’all since no one at the office drinks. A little wine maybe.

Whatever you decide, this time I’ll be there.

17 08 2008
Miss Cheri

Ha, this time zone is really helping Princess in the firsties game.

But I think we should make do it Tumwi’s home.

B2B, that drink is best punched with Red Bulls. Trust me. U wont get drunk, u only stop ona ka sweet high and u have energy all round. Hitting 4 birds with one Red bull stone.

17 08 2008
Miss Cheri

Benge Solomon, can’t wait to see u!

17 08 2008
Benge Solomon

LOL. Cherie… why??

17 08 2008
Miss Cheri


17 08 2008
Benge Solomon

okay. *mental note

17 08 2008

I’m for Mateos. Effendys was “oba-how”… plus it didn’t quite sit as many people as Good Ol’ mateos does on a good night. I also think there’s some convenience involved in gettin to and leaving the venue, don’t know how, still fleshin out my argument…and about that drink, I don’t know JACK…

18 08 2008

Hater Ivan.

18 08 2008

how abt my bedroom? LMAO!!mayb ciao ciao. efendy is ……. nway does my view really matter? i guess nope !! i was just leaving my snail trail!! i snailed here

18 08 2008

Hey when did my house enter into the mix? How much will I get paid?

Let’s go back to Mateos.

18 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

two joint in one night…
Oba you are suggesting a sleep-over at Tumwi’s
now that would surely cause a stir…

start Baz’s office and then head to Tumwi’s and give her neighbour a lot of drama, and then sleep over Hehehehehe

finally grabbing a pair of socks huh

Hey cheers for dropping by…
and even suggesting your joint…
that can and will be looked into

i believe you now, but you have one more week…
before i…..

And maybe you and SoloBengeKing should grab a room already…
wonder what 3 would say…
i’d just grab one with y’all as well, but er…

you have a point about convenience!

and about that drink….
i thought you actually don’t know Jack…(Hehehe)

i can vouch for you… to know him he’s a good listener, and then some

Take it outside already!
can i come with you?

ok… i get your point
you like a certain blogger to see your bedroom…
Hmmmn in tricks..
not me i hope…
maybe Chanel…

How much is your “usual” asking price?
does it come with transport?
and again, what currency are we talking about?

right on at Mateo’s it is maybe?

18 08 2008

oooh yes, tumwi’s house. but peeps might refuse to leave till like 4am, don’t think that tumwi would be complaining though since it would keep her busy since she can’t sleep.

18 08 2008

B2B who would that be Mrs B2B u can become the pastor and me the chapatti seeker!! wat do u think?
or else
I got a shell to give i send a message when i kill a nigga’s third cousin

20 08 2008

I wanna go to Tumwi’s house!!!!!!!! Or go back to Mateos. But I reckon someone should swing by and check out Nodes!! Could be interesting…

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