20 04 2009

I never used to want to own up and tell the truth except if it affected someone else… I usually would want to just chill by me’self and open up to both Momz+Dad in private without any drama… I am still the same, but because Mich’s Momz dropped me a tag-of-sorts…. (hmmn, it has been a while since that happened), I was named as a possibly honest blogger! MichieMeister’s Momz, I am duly honored to comply with your task and drop the honesties… Here we go then..

– I am a sucker for chocolate syrup

– I love my Dad/Momz/ Sista/ Brothers in a very uneek way… I haven’t said it in a while, but they know it by the way that I show it, but I will show it a lot more…

– I hate being accosted, and cornered, so to avoid that I always “attack” peeps so that they can leave a brother alone

– I love rugby, and sometimes I think if it were a drug…

– I love The Lord with all my heart, though sometimes I am hesitant in telling him, he does make you come out and tell him in some amazing way

– I love taking cold showers after an early morning jog.

– I hate one-sided opinions, because they show little thought and more self-ness.

– I still hate tele-novelas.

– I pay attention a lot more than people notice and this ticks people off because I never let anything pass me by. So much so that having arguments with me tends to irritate people a lot

– I appreciate Sunday Afternoons so much that sometimes I just wish The Lord would surprise us once every two months and just bestow upon us a stray Sunday!

– I love to listen to people trying to express their emotions, especially when they make progress

– I like the fact that when someone loves you back, it just feels so good

– I love certain types of music which allow you to listen to both the lyrics and the music at the same time (i.e. some rock music, soul music, certain RnB, and a few rap tracks)

– I am a very very light sleeper

Ok, some peeps who I would love to hear something deeper than most include Tandralicious, The_AntiPop, Apr9, Eddslah, Dante’s-Peak, Heaven, PetesMomz and Sy.

Whatchu gotta do is:

[first] You must brag about the award, like a pimp, ok?
[then] You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
[also] You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
[after that] Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
[and finally] List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on! Who knew this would be so much work!.

Hoping that your weeks are smiley



23 responses

20 04 2009
Mrs. B2B

these socks be mine!

20 04 2009
Mrs. B2B

“I like the fact that when someone loves you back, it just feels so good” I so feel you on that one baby.

20 04 2009


20 04 2009

i was on something else…

20 04 2009

Only just a few rap traacks?
From the number of times you use the slang/phrase/sentence “Dawg” you could have fooled me.! Tx for tagging. I have no truths. I lie like a problem.

20 04 2009

wait, what did i just walk into right here?

20 04 2009

Yup dude that’s some work ,especially getting 10 honest thangs. Nga I can lie.

20 04 2009

yes!from the way you speak sometimes, it is hard to think it is just a few rap songs!!

and you are really honest, that point of how you never let things pass you and you put people into bu tight arguements and attacking peeps so you don’t get accosted?so so true!

20 04 2009

more often than not, the truth is scary…

21 04 2009

Thanx for taggin 9…………had already put down some.

‘I appreciate Sunday Afternoons so much that sometimes I just wish The Lord would surprise us once every two months and just bestow upon us a stray Sunday!”…………………..Sunday afternoons are so relaxing

21 04 2009

…it’s easier to tell the truth, if you’re rudely awakened in the middle of the night and ask you to say what the ‘story’ was before, you’ll be able to recount the same lines, and sleep peacefully after that.
The lie on the other hand….it’s a hard paper, telling lie after lie to cover up the one told before the other one…

21 04 2009

This was a fun read.

22 04 2009

Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

22 04 2009

me i think mrb2b and mrsb2b use the same login 🙂

22 04 2009


22 04 2009

Rugby is a drug… you do early morning jogs???

That stray sunday…great suggestion


22 04 2009

go ahead and receive the award already
awaiting the truths chapchap!!

don’t be shy. let us in on the unclepopeth moments

i saw yours too dawg
too dope

dude, sometimes it is but the way you approach it helps loads

sho’ nuff
i loved your honesties btw…. too true

erm, i hear you laaaaoud and clear Yv…
you gwan do something like this?

i hear you
thanks for tagging a bwana!
i hope you and Laboke get in to each other’s blogs sometime

Rugby- ROCKS
Early morning Jog – too dope
showers after that -also dope
the sunday afternoon addidtions above all!!

mbu tight arguments!!
and just sometimes do i drop the dawg-ish words…

thanks too..

22 04 2009

Gundi, that is not honesty.

This is what I REALLY want to know:

– Do your feet smell?
– When was the last time you were ashamed and why?
– What was your last failure?
– What are you afraid of?
– Why don’t you and Mrs. B2B marry already?

22 04 2009

Cold showers? aiyaiyai….but why?

And I’m with Tumwi on the last question 🙂

22 04 2009

Just wondering but how many names does Antipop have?

and am with Tumwijuke on her last qn.

24 04 2009

i hear u on number 10. and boy doesnt ‘he’ sleep! so most of the night i’m awake alone; and it pisses me off sometimes; that he blacks out on me! wat happened to havin gmy back?

28 04 2009
Miss Cheri


29 04 2009
Mizz Eizzy

love this thing going arnd….
hmmm…u sound like a complex dude….

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